What I’m wearing lately: Having a plaid moment.


Forever 21 plaid shirt, Forever 21 white T, Black Mossimo ‘jeggings’ from Target, & Chucks.

Fall is my favorite season for many reasons, one being the wardrobe. I love wearing sweaters, jackets, and layering. Plaid can be worn in any season, but I tend to associate it with fall and the cooler weather. Whenever I see a plaid button-up in a store, I immediately gravitate towards it. So when I saw this one at Forever 21, I had to pick it up. Plus, you can’t really beat the price (another reason it’s hard to say no when I’m shopping there). I wore this when Ava and I went to a first birthday party, just an easy, casual outfit that I knew would be comfortable in.

I’m also finally fitting into more of my pre-pregnancy clothes (yay!), so I’m getting more excited about clothes in general. For the first 6 months after she was born, I pretty much wore what I did when she was still in my belly. Losing the baby weight is not easy, I didn’t really gain a crazy amount when I was pregnant so I didn’t worry that much about it coming off. Until it didn’t come off as quickly as I thought. After 6 months of waiting for a miracle to happen, I finally got on program with my diet and I’m getting closer to where I was before. So I’m looking forward to more fall weather and clothing to come.


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