Blue on blue on blue.

I usually just get dressed on the fly, it’s rare that I really plan out what I’m wearing. I knew I wanted jeans so that was easy enough. Then I thought I’d layer this chambray shirt over a black tank. But, after seeing it all together I decided to just stick with the shirt. Of course that just looked a little ‘one note’ so I added this Jewelmint necklace with shades of blue and a few pops of yellow. I liked the way it all looked together so I thought I’d snap a quick pic before leaving for lunch.


Forever 21 chambray shirt, Arden B. jeans, Jewelmint necklace

Yes, I realize my mirror is a smudgy mess (my daughter likes to stand there and rub her hands all over it), but I didn’t have time to wipe it down before leaving. And I just wanted to keep it real (I’m WAY behind on cleaning).


A closer look

I used to buy a lot of pieces from Jewelmint when it first launched, but I’ve slowed down considerably as of late. But, I love all the jewelry I’ve gotten and most of what I have has held up well and is nicely made. If you haven’t checked Jewelmint out yet, you should!


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