Falling for faux.

Leather, that is.


Mossimo Faux Leather Jacket

So I mentioned in my last post that I was going to share a couple of items I got at Target, but I’m having buyer’s remorse about one of them so I may end up returning it. The other item I’m loving and will definitely be keeping. I originally saw MakeupbyTiffanyD on YouTube talk about this faux leather jacket and I thought it was cute, but I didn’t really need it. So when I happened upon it while browsing around, it was the only one left and it was in my size. Of course, I took that as a sign to try it on. And of course, I had to have it. It’s really comfortable because of the black knitted paneling on the inner sleeves and sides of the jacket. Despite being ‘faux leather’, it doesn’t look cheap and I think it will hold up well. I have a leather moto jacket from Zara that I think I got last year that I love, but it’s pretty fitted and I can’t wear anything much thicker than a thin sweater under it. This jacket I can put on heavier sweaters and it would work because the sleeves have more give from the paneling.


Mossimo faux leather jacket, J. Crew plaid shirt, H&M grey tank, AG jeans, Jeffrey Cambell ‘Hanger’ boots

I layered it over a grey tank and plaid shirt and jeans, as usual. And I like how this jeweled necklace contrasted with the casualness (is that a word?) of the shirt and tank. I have no idea who makes this necklace, it was gifted from a friend.


Jeweled Necklace by ?

The jacket is still available online and may be in your local Target store, so if you’re in the market for something like this I’d check it out quickly before it’s gone!


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