Product rave: Clarins Double-Fix Mascara

Clarins ‘Double Fix’ Mascara

My number one makeup issue is my mascara smudging under my eyes. I have tried waterproof, non-waterproof, fiber and tubing, high and low end mascaras. I’ve tried them all. Everytime I hear about a new mascara that doesn’t smudge I get excited to try it and when I do, I’m usually left disappointed. I have pretty oily lids, I have to use a primer if I don’t want my liner smudging into my crease. I always make sure to set my under eye concealer, otherwise the problem is even worse. When I heard about the Clarins ‘Double Fix Mascara’ and read good reviews, I just had to try it to see if it would work. It’s basically a gel ‘topcoat’ for your mascara to seal it and make it waterproof. You can also use it as a brow gel. And after the first use I was pretty impressed. I’ve usually hit panda status a couple of hours after applying mascara (nothing is worse than passing by a mirror and realizing you’ve been walking around for the past few hours looking like a hot mess). I went through most of the day without a smudge. But, I didn’t want to get too excited and recommend something before testing it more thoroughly. So I tried it with waterproof and regular formulas and with several different brands (Covergirl, Maybelline, L’oreal, Makeup Forever, Benefit, etc.). The results are pretty much the same, no significant smudging. By the end of the day, I can tell there is a slight bit of transfer of the mascara onto my undereye area, but definitely nothing compared to what it usually looks like without it. And the best part is, I can use it with any mascara and still have great results. Even the ones I’ve banned because although they make my lashes look nice, they end up super smudgy. It also holds the curl in my lashes when I’m using a non-waterproof mascara.


L: right after application, M: 4 hours later, R: 9 hours later

So to give you an idea of how it performs, I used it only on my right eye. I applied my Maybelline Full n’ Thick Waterproof mascara, then applied the Double Fix over it. I try to apply it thoroughly, especially nearer to the outer edge of my eyes where most of the transfer occurs. Today was a pretty typical day, I brought Ava out to play with her cousins, did some housework, and played some more with baby at home. I only used concealer and my MAC mineralized skin finish for powder foundation. You can see that my skin gets pretty shiny as the day goes on, by the end most of my makeup has pretty much faded away (I rarely bother to touch up during the day). I put on my mascara around 11 AM and by 3 PM my right eye was still looking good and my left was already a mess. By 8 PM, I did notice a trace of darkness on the right, but WAY better than how the left looks.

If you have been plagued by the dreaded ‘raccoon eyes’, try this product. You won’t regret it.


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