A spontaneous review and OOTD.


A sample of Origins GinZing Refreshing eye cream

I was never big into eye cream until I got pregnant and all of a sudden I got dark circles under my eyes which only got worse with newborn related sleep deprivation. And never got better once baby started sleeping through the night. I’ve been using the Clinique All About Eyes as of late, before that I was using the L’Occitane Immortelle Eye Balm. They are both fine and do the job in terms of hydration, but did nothing to improve upon my perpetual sleepless look. I got the Origins GinZingRefreshing eye cream as a point perk and decided to try it out this morning and figured I may as well share my thoughts.


L: straight from the tube, R: blended out

The product has a thinner consistency than a cream and has an iridescent effect, it actually reminds me of my Hourglass primer in that respect. It absorbed well into my under eye area. This eye cream is meant to ‘brighten and depuff’ with 86% of people seeing an instant difference in brightness.


T: my dark circles, M: with Ginzing, B: with concealer on top

So I saw a very subtle difference in brightness. It’s not really discernible in these pictures, but it was there. My concealer layered over it nicely; I used my drugstore fave, the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer. I didn’t feel the need to add an extra highlight to the area after, which I usually do. I actually think it acts like a nice primer to my concealer.



It’s obviously too soon to tell if this is worth purchasing the full size, but I’ll continue to use it and let you know. It’s something I’d only use in the daytime since it has that iridescent effect that I only really need when I’m out and about, not sleeping.

And my OOTD:


H&M top, Zara jacket, AG jeans, BC footwear booties


Jewelmint necklaces, Chanel brooch, Francesca’s stud earrings

Okay, til next time!




5 thoughts on “A spontaneous review and OOTD.

  1. Thank you for great review! Ginseng is very popular in my country and I was looking for cream with it, appreciate to your post 🙂


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