My blowout trifecta


T3 + PHD + Z4 = ❤


I’ve never been happier with my hair as of late, as it’s probably in the best condition it’s ever been in. I’ve mentioned before that my hair is pretty thick, dense, and has a little wave in it. I do color my hair (I just ask for a ‘dark brown’) and have been getting my roots touched up every 6-8 weeks. I wash my hair with Wen cleansing conditioner every 2-3 days and usually do a blowout on my wash day. My hair can look a little frizzy when I let it air dry, not as bad as it was since I started using Wen. Anyway, I’ve been loving how hair looks after a blowout and wanted to share what I’ve been using.

1. T3 hair dryer
The one I have is an older model, I actually got it at a discount on They are sold at Sephora and I believe at Nordstrom as well. It’s supposed to emit negative ions when drying your hair to help keep it shiny and also cut your drying time. I’ll admit that when I first started using this it drove me crazy because I’d accidentally hit the off switch while using it. I’ve had it for a couple of years now so I’m used to holding it in way where I don’t have that problem anymore. I do feel like my hair is less frizzy looking since I switched over from my old blow dryer but, I’m not sure if the drying time is significantly different.

2. Ibiza Z4 round brush
I got this because Anna from annaleeandjesse on YouTube uses this on herself and her clients. It’s definitely pricier than the standard drugstore round brush, but I’m willing to pay for quality and I know I’ll be using this for a long time. It has a mix of synthetic and boar bristles to help add shine and grip hair during blowdrying. It has a longer barrel so you can actually blowdry more hair at one time (meaning you spend less time on your blowout).

3. Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment
This product is supposed to provide ‘volume, smoothness, conditioning, strength and polish in one easy step’. It’s has the consistency of lotion, I use about a nickel sized dollop and run it from mid shaft to the ends of my hair while it is still damp. I usually do my makeup before I blowdry so it’s not soaking wet and I’m not spending a lot of time heat styling. I do find the result of my blow out to be much smoother than without it and it definitely does not weigh my hair down. The condition of my hair has been better since Wen so I’m not sure about that one and I’ve never had a problem with breakage so I haven’t noticed a change in strength. Ultimately, I will repurchase when I run out.


The result


If you have any other product recommendations for the perfect blowout let me know!


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