Worth the hype?: Clè de Peau Beautè concealer


I’ve always wanted to try the Clè de Peau Beautè concealer, but the price point has always stopped me in my tracks. But, my under eye circles weren’t all that bad back then and now I’ve pretty much come to the realization that the ones I’ve developed since pregnancy are going to be permanent. Most of the reviews I’ve read about CDP have made it sound like magic in a tube. So I finally gave in and decided to give it a try. Worse case scenario, I’d just return it if it was nothing special.


In shade ‘ocher’

But, it is special. Very special. I actually had a ‘wow’ moment after applying it. Because it’s in stick form I thought it would be a little thick and hard to blend. It’s actually the perfect consistency and blends like a dream. I just rub a little onto my fingertip and pat it in or I use a concealer brush. It’s easily buildable because you can apply it in a thin layers and it doesn’t looked caked on. I can also use it to cover blemishes and the redness around my nose and it works great. It’s a surprisingly good match for my skin tone. The shade I picked is ‘ocher’, there are six shades in their range.


Top: left eye concealed, right is not; Bottom: both eyes concealed

I still use my L’Oreal Magic Lumi concealer just to brighten a little more, the CDP isn’t something I’d try to use to get that highlighted effect (especially since it’s so pricey I wouldn’t want to go crazy with it). It’s perfect for what I wanted it to do, which is conceal my dark under eye circles. And it didn’t crease the whole day and didn’t wear away.



So yes, I think it’s worth the hype and I will be keeping the CDP concealer around. If you’ve tried this out, let me know your thoughts!


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