Makeup how-to: When you’re at a loss with your eyeshadow, just follow the palette.


Maybelline Eyeshadow Quad in Natural Smokes


I was having one of those mornings where I had no idea what to do with my makeup, until pulled open my drawer and saw this Maybelline eyeshadow quad in Natural Smokes. What I love about these is that it makes applying your eye makeup a no-brainer, it literally tells you where to put each color.


Base, Lid, Crease, & Liner color


For anyone who is a newcomer to the world of makeup, I think these types of palettes are brilliant. It can be intimidating picking up a palette with 20 different shades and trying to decide what to put where and which shades would look best together. These are a great introductory method of applying eyeshadow and once you get the general idea down you can start to branch out and be a little more creative. Much of what I know now was learned from watching all the YouTube ‘beauty gurus’. All you have to do is search for an ‘everyday makeup tutorial’, pick one that you like, watch and learn.


I have a pretty narrow lid space with my eyes open, so here’s a view of what I did.


I pretty much did exactly what the palette said to do, I put the cream color all over my lid from lash line to brows, then layered the lid color over that, keeping it under my crease. I used the the crease color in the outer part of my crease and towards the outer corner of my eye in a ‘V’ shape. I used an angled brush to apply the liner color right against my lash line and extended it slightly past the outer corner for a soft wing. I also used the liner color on my bottom lash line. I did make some additions as there are a couple of things missing from the palette. I used ‘Buck’ from the Naked palette to blend the outer edges of the crease shade and I used the highlight color from the Charlotte Tilbury bronze & glow palette (review coming soon!) on my inner corner.




The drugstore is a great place to start your foray into makeup, and these instructional palettes make applying eyeshadow a breeze. I also have this palette in Emerald Smokes, but I don’t use a lot of color on my eyes these days so I haven’t used it in awhile. Overall, I like the Maybelline quads, the pigmentation is good and you can get a great eye look from them.


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