A holiday combo that never gets old: red + gold

These two colors pair well together anytime really, but there’s something about red lips and gold eyes in the winter that is just so right. It’s nice for a holiday party, or even during the day while you finish all your Christmas shopping. My favorite red lipstick is actually from the drugstore, In the Red by Revlon. It’s a matte finish, but it’s not super drying and it’s actually quite forgiving if you have any flaky spots going on. And my go-to gold is Half Baked from the original Naked palette.


L: Revlon matte lipstick ‘In the Red’, R: Urban Decay Naked palette ‘Half Baked’

I don’t wear red lipstick often during the rest of the year, but I just love it around the holidays. It’s just so festive in this season. I also added a few individual lashes to dress it up a bit more. I love that they look a little more natural and I can’t even tell I’m wearing them.


My favorite holiday makeup look.

What’s your favorite holiday look?


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