But, it’s limited edition!: A review of the Nars Virtual Domination Cheek Palette (and a Nars Audacious lipstick).


I keep telling myself I don’t need anymore blushes, but for some reason I can’t say no. Especially when it’s a blush palette. And when it’s limited edition. That’s actually a running joke with my husband, he says I’ll buy anything if they say it’s ‘limited edition’. So of course, I ordered the Nars Virtual Domination Cheek Palette (and a lipstick which is a part of their permanent line).



This palette comes with the Laguna bronzer, Miss Liberty highlighting blush, Sex Fantasy, Deep Throat, and Final Cut blush. I’ve always wanted to try Laguna, but the tiny shimmer particles always turned me off. The only blush from Nars that I own is Orgasm, and most of the blush palettes they’ve come out with that I remember include it so I didn’t feel like it was worth it to me. But with 3 different blushes in the Virtual Domination palette, I felt like it was worth the investment.


Swatches from L to R: Laguna, Miss Liberty, Deep Throat, Sex Fantasy, Final Cut

I was a little concerned that Sex Fantasy (seriously, the names they come up with) would be too light and wouldn’t show up much on my skin tone. But, it’s probably my favorite of the three. I think the light pink lavender color is just gorgeous for the season. Both Final Cut (peach coral) and Deep Throat (sheer peach) are beautiful too, all three have good color payoff when applied to the cheeks (I like my Bobbi Brown blush brush for these). They are all easy to blend as well. Deep Throat has some shimmer to it, but doesn’t appear so on the face.

I was not crazy about the Miss Liberty highlighting blush and could honestly do without it. I wish they had included the Albatross highlighter instead. I actually treated it more like a highlighter than a blush and I could actually see the glitter on application. I think I could maybe get away with this at night, but for daytime (well anytime really) it’s just too glittery for me.

And finally, Laguna bronzer. I like it, you can’t see any of the glitter on application, but it’s not a love. It’s not bad, I just prefer my the Balm Bahama Mama bronzer and even the Charlotte Tilbury bronzer over this. I will continue to use it, but it didn’t ‘wow’ me. I did read a review that said the pigmentation of the Laguna in the palette isn’t as good as the single pan, but I’m not going to go buy the single to find out.

Overall, I do like this palette and I’m glad that I got it. It is convenient for travel when you want some options, but don’t want to take a ton of makeup. Actually, I think it would have been perfect if Albatross had replaced Miss Liberty.


Nars Audacious Lipstick in Anita

I’m on a little bit of a lipstick kick as of late, so I also ordered one of the Nars Audacious lipsticks in Anita (antique rose). It’s a pretty pinkish nude color that is right up my alley. It applies nicely and the pigmentation is good, I don’t need to work with it a ton to get a good application. I had a pretty dark lip line naturally, so I do like to use a lip liner with it. It’s good on it’s own too. Also, I kind of like that the cap is magnetized and I don’t have to worry about it accidentally falling off in my purse if I don’t shut it completely. I actually wanted Barbara (tan rose) after seeing it on The Beauty Look Book, but it was sold out on Sephora.com. It finally came back in stock this week and I didn’t jump on it right away and it sold out within a few hours again! Needless to say, I purchased it immediately after my second notification and just checked back on Sephora and it’s sold out AGAIN. I also ordered Rita (scarlet) to try a new red. Can’t wait to share them once I give them a try! If you’ve tried any other the other colors and love them let me know your recommendations.


Wearing Laguna bronzer, Final Cut blush, & Anita lipstick.

Happy Friday everyone!


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