Rimmel Wonder’Lash Waterproof Mascara with Argan Oil Review


I did a little mini-drugstore haul the other day and this is one of the products I picked up. As always, I’m drawn in by new mascaras and I think I might have tried only one other Rimmel mascara in the past (so distant I can’t remember which one). The main point of interest is that the Wonder’Lash mascara is formulated with argan oil. If it’s great for your hair and skin it must be good on your lashes, right? Before I share my thoughts, here is what Rimmel has to say:

  • argan oil smooths and conditions lashes for feather light, clump-free volume
  • smooth operator brush defines lashes from root to tip
  • waterproof formula is gentle on the lashes and removes easily with Rimmel Gentle Eyemakeup Remover

A closer look.

The brush reminds me of the Covergirl Lashblast, except it’s plastic with longer bristles. The brush head is actually quite large, but I didn’t necessarily make application more difficult. The long, thin plastic bristles allowed for nice separation of my lashes with no clumping. That’s pretty much where the ‘good’ of the mascara ends. After one coat I could barely tell that I even had mascara on. After two, then three coats I basically gave up and layered my Maybelline Lash Sensational over it. If you’re into that super natural lash look and you already have long, thick lashes-this is the mascara for you. The formula was just way too thin and didn’t seem to really adhere to my lashes. I saw no effect in terms of volume or length. The curl pretty much fell out of my lashes by the time I was going to start applying my Maybelline mascara and I actually had to re-curl them first. And this mascara also smudged probably 3-4 hours after initial application. Which now intuitively makes sense because they infused the formula with an oil. I’m kind of sad this one didn’t work out because I think argan oil is good stuff and I use it in my hair and occasionally on my face mixed in with my moisturizer. I wonder if my lashes would look better with continued use, but I don’t even like this enough to keep it around and plan on returning it. Also, I since I layered another mascara over it, I can’t speak to how easily it removes (I do actually have the Rimmel eyemakeup remover with btw, I also do not like).


Top to bottom: natural lashes, curled, one coat, two coats

The effect is subtle, just too subtle for me. Up close it’s not so bad looking, but overall it looks like I’m not wearing mascara, especially if I’m doing winged liner. Unfortunately, the Wonder’Lash wasn’t a winner for me.


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