A comparison review: Nars Pro-Prime vs. Urban Decay Primer Potion


I’ve been using the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion for years now, since it first came out and came with a doe foot applicator. I’ve had the repackaged one for quite awhile now and was waiting for it to run out before trying the Nars Pro-Prime No Smudge Eyeshadow Base. But, I ended up putting it on my Christmas list this year and got it. I thought do a comparison review of both products to see if there were any major differences in performance. My lids do tend to get pretty oily if I’m not using a primer so I do use eyeshadow primer pretty frequently, unless I’m in a major rush.
The UD Primer Potion comes in a squeeze tube with a small tipped applicator, which is nice in that you can get every last drop of product out, but not so nice when you accidentally dispense too much. You definitely don’t need much of this stuff, if you put it on too heavily it will show and your shadows won’t blend as well. The Nars Pro-Prime comes with a doe foot applicator, which does help to limit the amount of product you use, but is less hygienic and any foundation I’ve applied to my lids can transfer onto it. The NPP is much more sheer and white in color, while he UDPP is flesh toned and thicker in consistency.


L: applicators; R: swatches

I do like how sheer the NPP applies and is easy to blend and dries quickly. Sometimes I feel like it takes too long for the UDPP to set and if I apply my eyeshadow without waiting long enough it doesn’t blend as well because the product is still tacky. I usually apply the UDPP then do my eyebrows to combat that problem, but sometimes I forget. I like how the UDPP is a nude shade because sometimes I just like to add a little matte mid-tone brown shadow into my crease, then liquid liner, mascara and be done with it. With the NPP, it leaves a light white wash of color on my lid and I would need to use eyeshadow to make it look natural. I do like how my eyeshadow applies more so with the NPP, it just seems to be a slightly smoother base than the UDPP. But after application, there appears to be no significant difference in the way the eyeshadows look.


Top & middle: after initial application; Bottom: 6 hours later

After about 6 hours of wear, I didn’t notice a difference in the staying power on each eye, both appear pretty much the same and there was no creasing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take a picture in natural light, but it did look like the NPP eye seemed to keep the color better than the UDPP in the photo. Overall, the difference was negligible. If I didn’t prime at all, trust me, the eyeshadow would be pretty nonexistent and you would be able to see the skin on my lids by now.

The UDPP retails for 20 dollars and has 0.37 oz of product and the NPP is 25 dollars and has 0.26 oz of product. You’re definitely getting more for your money on the UDD side. Honestly, both products perform well so whatever you choose will be a good buy. I am enjoying the NPP at the moment because it’s fast, I just dab a little on my lids using the applicator, blend, and can pretty much immediately start my eyeshadow with no wait time. I’m all about anything quick these days!


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