Shiseido Eyelash Curler Review


I mentioned before that my beloved Shu Uemura eyelash curler had it’s final days and broke. I bought it several years ago at Sephora when they still carried them, and have gifted them to friends because I think it works so well. I was pretty shocked when it broke because a. It was right next to my eye when it snapped off and b. I realized I wouldn’t be able to use it again. I’ve tried the one by Revlon, Sonia Kashuk, and MAC, none of which curled my lashes as well as my Shu. But, now that they aren’t carried stateside and I needed a replacement ASAP, I decided to give the Shiseido eyelash curler a try and hope for the best.


L: front view; R: Shiseido on the left & Sonia Kashuk on the right

When I first used it, I initially thought it felt a little flimsy compared to the Shu, like the handles seemed looser for some reason. Also, the curve is a more shallow than the Shu, I wish I hadn’t thrown it away for comparison. I did put it up against the Sonia Kashuk one I have just to give you an idea. The Sonia Kashuk is also a bit wider in comparison.


Top to bottom: natural lashes, L side curled, both curled, after one coat of mascara

The first time I ‘pinched’ it shut, I honestly didn’t like it. It just felt weird and the curve seemed too flat for my eye shape. I usually curl at the base, middle, and end of my lashes, holding for 3 seconds each. But after completing the first eye, I was actually really impressed by how the curl turned out. I didn’t have to go back over it a second time because it wasn’t curled enough. Same with the other eye.


I added some liquid liner without a wing for once to finish it off.

I would absolutely recommend the Shiseido eyelash curler if you haven’t tried it. I know it’s built to fit a more Asian eye shape so that’s something to take under consideration. I’m happy that I tried this and I don’t even miss my Shu anymore. Well, not as badly as I had been.


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