#thestruggle: Black or brown?


Today was a big, long family day-we had lunch/play date at our friends’ house then a Gymboree birthday party in the evening. When we go out, my husband usually wrangles the baby bag so I thought I’d actually carry a purse today. My Balenciaga is my go-to bag, I immediately gravitate towards it because it’s black and has a relaxed look. I always feel like it goes with everything, but apparently not so much with brown boots. I never really went with that ‘your shoes need to match your handbag rule’, but in this case I guess it does apply. I spent way too much time trying to decide what to do (anything more than a minute for a decision like this is too long), luckily my husband walked in and said, “I like the brown ones better.” Problem solved. And I decided to leave the bag at home, I think I just feel like I should take any opportunity to wear accessories when I get a chance, but someday Ava will be out of diapers and I won’t be toting snacks, sippy cups, and extra clothes around. Then I can enjoy my handbags again.


I got this double-stranded necklace as one my Christmas grab gifts that I had mentioned in a previous post. It’s also from Forever 21 and it’s probably not something I would have normally gravitated towards, but I’m glad I chose it. It’s delicate and so pretty for layering. I wore it with my usual bar necklace that I never take off. It’s funny that I wear that necklace all the time, I just never took it off and anytime I ever did, I felt naked without it. And the bar earrings from Francesca’s are still a constant on my ears as of late.

Are there any rules you live by when getting dressed?


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