Jordana Modern Matte Lipsticks Review


I’m not that familiar with Jordana as a brand, but their Modern Matte Lipsticks were sitting alongside all of the other new drugstore releases and I couldn’t help but check them out. And with drugstore prices getting seemingly higher and higher, at $2.69 I couldn’t resist. Per the in-store display, these lipsticks are supposed to be a non-drying matte formula.


Matte Classy & Matte Bare

I chose Matte Bare and Matte Classy. The packaging of these was okay, they kind of click up initially as you twist the tube then they glide up smoothly. I like how the cap is completely clear so you can really see what the color looks like in the tube. I found that the application of Matte Bare took some time and several swipes, Matte Classy wasn’t so bad. It did feel like a drier formula as they didn’t glide very well over my lips. Strangely after application, I immediately felt a dry sensation on lips. On the plus side, I didn’t feel like they emphasized any dry patches I already had.


Top: Matte Classy; Bottom: Matte Bare

In terms of wear, this is a definite touch up lipstick and it won’t survive a meal. I started out wearing Matte Bare for the day, then switched to Matte Classy because I found the application of the former to be a pain. It was too much trouble to get an even coating, I think because my lips are so pigmented already.


L: Matte Bare; R: Matte Classy

I don’t think I’ll be picking up any more of these lipsticks, they just weren’t as pigmented and I didn’t really like the feel of them on my lips. If you’re looking for a more affordable drugstore matte lipstick, I’d go for the ones by Wet n Wild, I have a few of them and like them much better than these.

Have you tried the Modern Mattes? What did you think?


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