First impression review: Rimmel Provocolips 16HR Kiss Proof Lip Color


I mentioned last week that I picked up the Rimmel Provocolips 16HR Kiss Proof Lip Color. I kind of held back on these as I had also recently tried the L’Oreal 2-Step Liquid Lipsticks and let’s face it, I don’t need more lipstick. But one thing led to another and I got them anyway. I went to the Rimmel website to get more information:

• Kiss proof, transfer proof, food proof high impact endless colour.

• No tight feeling or dry lips. Lips feel smooth and moisturized all day long.

• Easy removal with Oil based makeup remover

STEP 1: Apply colour and keep lips apart for 60 seconds until the product sets.

STEP 2: Apply topcoat to lock the colour, moisture and add shine.

I found these at Target, there were only four shades still available at the time and I chose these: Heartbreaker (warm brown nude), Kiss Me You Fool (true red), and I’ll Call You (magenta pink). The last shade was a lighter nude color that I was afraid would give me that washed out, dead in the face look. The product is double-ended with doe foot applicators on both sides for the color and the topcoat. In terms of the formula, it’s thin, but very pigmented. It glides on smoothly and I’m able to apply it without having to whip out my lip brush (a big plus in my book). I didn’t wait quite long enough before applying the topcoat and it did transfer to the white applicator (a little annoying), but on subsequent applications throughout the day there was no further transfer. Next time I’ll wait longer.


L & M top to bottom: Heartbreaker, Kiss Me You Fool, I’ll Call You; R: topcoat applicator

First off, I love all the colors I got. I was planning on getting a red in the L’Oreal version, but I’m very happy with this one. Second, I think these wear just a hair better than the L’Oreal version. There was absolutely no transfer and the color looked good throughout the day (I stopped checking after 8 hours). I ate and drank as usual and it really stayed put. These are even harder to remove than the 2-Step, so that might be the reason why. I wish it had the stick balm like the 2-Step, but that’s just me being picky. Also, these retail for about half the price of the 2-Step and perform equally well.


L to R: Wearing Heartbreaker, I’ll Call You, & Kiss Me You Fool

I’m hoping to check out some of the other colors in the lighter shades, hopefully they are just as pigmented and wear just as well. I’m really glad I tried these as I’ll probably just stick to them over the 2-Step since they’re just more affordable. Overall, these are a win!


10 thoughts on “First impression review: Rimmel Provocolips 16HR Kiss Proof Lip Color

    • Thank you! I was pretty amazed too, but they really didn’t transfer whatsoever, as long as you let the product dry before applying the top coat. I had a cup of coffee and there was not a trace on the rim of the cover.


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