Gimme a V.


H&M V-neck sweatshirt

I got this H&M V-neck sweater a couple of weeks ago when I bought that black V-neck sweater I needed to fill a gap in my wardrobe. I got an alert on my H&M app that there were some deals going on and I think it was only $9.99! So it went straight into my basket. I love the bold double-striped V-neck and I knew it would easily fit into my wardrobe. It’s actually made from sweatshirt material, but I noticed there are two other sweaters on their website that look the same, but are knit. I like the more casual sweatshirt material, as well as the relaxed fit (no surprise there). The knit versions are a bit more fitted and shorter in length. I got mine in a medium and I think it’s perfect.


I decided to keep with the black and white look and wore my black Hudson jeans. To finish it off, I wore my Nike sneakers and Coach tote. I actually got a similar pair of sneakers for Ava, but they’re still too big, but I can’t wait until we can both wear them! The purse was actually a gift from my brother on Christmas two years ago. I realized I hadn’t pulled it out until now! I had Ava a couple weeks before the holiday and I was relegated to a diaper bag (still am for the most part), so I never really had a chance to enjoy it. I’m in the middle of a closet clean-out and I kind of re-discovered it. I think it will actually be a good transition bag when Ava is a little older and I don’t have to carry around as many items I’m worried will spill into my purse. It’s roomy enough to carry any of her things and mine, and I love that it has the crossbody strap so I can have my hands free if needed. I checked the website and of course it’s not there anymore, but they do have a lot of other cute totes that are similar.


The deep V of this sweater is so bold, it doesn’t need any jewelry. Actually, I fell asleep with my necklace and earrings on, so I just kept them on! And I was in the middle of doing a fishtail braid when Ava woke up, so I just tied it off a bit short (#momproblems).


Any new additions to your wardrobe that you’ve been loving?



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