NYC Expert Last Lip Lacquer Review


NYC Expert Last Lip Lacquer

I needed to grab a couple of things at the drugstore before we got hit by more snow, so I bundled up Ava and we headed out. Since it’s a brand new month, I thought it would be okay to browse the makeup aisle and my eyes landed on some new NYC lip products, including the Expert Last Lip Lacquer. I picked up the colors that seemed most appealing to me, including Tribeca Mocha (mauve brown), Big City Berry (berry pink), Riverside Romance (pale orange), and Central Park Pink (warm pink). It was a bit annoying actually because the display was on the top shelf and I couldn’t see half the colors available (not a great way to sell product people). Otherwise, some of the colors I chose made me think spring and with all the snow I’m really looking forward to it.

I wanted more information on the ‘Expert Last’ title, so I went to the website:

“Long Wearing, liquid lip lacquer that is perfect for the on-the-go girl. It delivers rich color and high coverage in a lightweight texture that will last all night long. The glossy shine can take you from day to night and give you the perfect finished look that is ideal for the metropolitan muses! ”


L to R: Big City Berry, Tribeca Mocha, Central Park Passion, Riverside Romance

The packaging is typical, a tube with a doe foot applicator. My one gripe is that the name of the color is not on the actual tube. It’s on the sticker with the SKU number on it that I had to rip
off to open the tube. There is a sweet scent to these if you like that in a lip product. The pigmentation varied among the colors I got with Riverside Romance being the worst and Big City Berry being the best. I had to really layer it on to get it to show up on my naturally darker lips and even then it was still pretty sheer on me. It also emphasized any dryness that I had. The other three colors performed better, the pigmentation wasn’t bad, but not mind-blowing. I was a little bummed about Riverside Romance since it was the shade I was most excited about. I think I’d have to use a nude lip pencil to fill in my lips to make it work. In terms of lasting power, I’d say they last longer than a typical gloss, but I would not classify these as long wearing. They transfer quite easily and did not survive a meal. And even with no food for a couple of hours the fade was evident. Definitely expect to touch up throughout the day with these. These do have some shine, but aren’t glossy and aren’t sticky.


Clockwise from top L: Tribeca Mocha, Riverside Romance, Big City Berry, Central Park Pink

These were pretty ‘meh’ in my book, I’m not running out to buy more colors. Since NYC is a more affordable drugstore brand I was hoping these would be better, but I’d rather spend a few more dollars and get the Rimmel Provocalips. They are much more opaque, transfer proof, and last well throughout the day.

These are a skip for me, what about you?

P.S. I also got some of the Expert Last Lipsticks, let’s hope they do better than these!


4 thoughts on “NYC Expert Last Lip Lacquer Review

  1. I got two colors, Fidi Fuschia and Madison Square Mauve, and I liked them! They were really pigmented. I did need to dip the applicator into the tube like 18 times to get enough product but I think I maybe lucked out with the two colors I got!

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