One day in six.


I enjoyed the whole ‘my day in pictures’ I did yesterday so much that I did it again today. It probably won’t be a daily occurrence, just whenever the mood for it strikes.

1. Hers and hers breakfast. Ava had Cheerios and milk with some fruit. She usually lets me feed her a few bites with a spoon, then I let her finger feed the rest. It was the first time I gave her cereal with milk and she seemed to enjoy it! I usually have a meal replacement shake for breakfast because it’s quick, the only time I have a ‘real’ breakfast is when my husband is home and I do the whole ‘nine yards’ for us all. In relation to the shake, I’m planning to write a post about losing the baby weight sometime soon. I’ve been meaning to for awhile now, I’m just trying to think through it a little more.

2. My vanity is always a disaster after I do my makeup. Okay, in general it’s a disaster. I just don’t have time to put everything back right away, so it stays like this until I head upstairs to bed and quickly tidy up. Or sometimes it stays messy indefinitely.

3. We had some rice left over from last night’s dinner, so I made a quick fried rice with chicken, eggs, and peas for our lunch. Ava does not usually like rice (carbs in general really), but she actually mowed this down! I was excited to have discovered another quick, easy meal that I can make for her that I can add to the rotation.

4. I have never been a big Taylor Swift fan, but something about ‘Blank Space’ just has me hooked. So much so that I have her station on Pandora in my phone now. I try to keep the TV off as much as I can during the day, but I’m the type of person that needs background noise. My husband showed me how to connect my phone to our stereo so we can listen to music instead.

5. We headed to Target today (I needed a new Covergirl Full Lash Bloom mascara BAD), it’s been awhile since Ava has had to sit in the cart and she got antsy much faster than usual. So I pulled out some snacks to keep her busy. And it must have improved her mood because she actually waved to the cashier, which is a rarity for her.

6. My husband has been wanting spaghetti for dinner all week, so I finally made it tonight. I found a recipe on Pinterest (surprise surprise), but for time’s sake I just made the meatballs and used store bought sauce. I’ll be sharing the meatball recipe next week since they came out so good!

Happy Friday all! Hope it was a good one!


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