90’s revisited.


Oh, the 90’s aka my Awkward Years. I spent most of the decade in middle school and high school, and let’s say I was not the cute, popular girl. I was the quiet girl (voted ‘most bashful’ in 7th grade) that tried to fit in, but never really felt like she did. I think towards the end of high school my confidence grew and I started to break out of my shell a bit, but overall the 90’s still make me cringe. Especially when I think back to the fashion. I’m not a slave to trends, I just wear what I like, but when I heard that the 90’s were back I thought, “Really?” Baggy jeans, overalls, & baby tees with huge logos? Come to think of it, I had a hard time pulling those things off back then! But, some of the trends weren’t so bad and really never went out if style per se. Just the execution. I had this blue and white plaid shirt I think I wore in my 8th grade school picture, so when I saw that I had something similar still hanging in my closet I decided that this 90’s reincarnation isn’t so bad.


If you’ve been reading my blog these last few months, then you already know I love plaid, I have at least 5 plaid shirts in my closet. It’s just so versatile-you can wear it on it’s own, as a layering piece or tied around your waist. I’ve actually never done the whole tied around your waist thing, but after trying it today I think I like it. This time around I’m doing plaid with black skinnies and pointed toe boots.


Another 90’s trend I remember is big hoop earrings. And I think the motto was ‘the bigger the better’. Some girls even had them personalized with their names. I never went that far. I did however hang tiny plastic pacifiers (Did anyone else do this? I think I even had a big one I wore as a pendant!) off my medium sized hoops. Thank goodness that didn’t come back. But, I think a pair of thin hoops will always be in style so of course I wore them to complete my 90’s inspired look.

Any 90’s trends that you’re welcoming with open arms? Or any you wish you never see again?


5 thoughts on “90’s revisited.

  1. OMG bahaha…. “Really?” Baggy jeans, overalls, & baby tees with huge logos? <- you totally summed up the 90s. Ok so I have to admit this… don't judge me… I love grunge… not the "my hair is greasier than yours cause I live in a car to support my chain smoking and crack habits so I'm cooler than you kinda grunge but I'm super hyped to see the hoops, KJ lips and plaid shirts back 🙂 This was a fun post thanks for sharing!

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