Happy dance time: Nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award!

IMG_9645-0 I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by none other than the fabulous Jen from Dorkchops-thank you again! I always get the scoop on all the Asian beauty brands (and other fun stuff) when reading her blog, please check her out if you haven’t already. Being recognized through these blog awards always makes my day in knowing someone reading is enjoying my blog enough to nominate me! The rules are really simple. You just list 7 facts about yourself and nominate 7 other bloggers for the award! =) Real easy! I nominate: somedaysunny Food + World + Me teatimechic The Annamated Life Shadow and Sugar undersea, M.D. frenchvanillaandcoffee Please check these ladies out for some good reads! 7 facts about me: 1. I’m a middle child, but never really felt like one. My brother is 2 years older and my sister is 11 years younger. Before she was born I was the ‘baby’ and after I felt like the oldest because I was always taking care of her. 2. I’m left-handed. I remember my mom sent me to take piano lessons when I was in elementary school and the piano teacher was mad that I was left-handed. So I stopped going without letting her know and would just hang out with my friends instead. That didn’t go over so well when she found out. Thinking back I wonder if the teacher was actually upset by that because it seems silly. But it’s just how I remember it happening. 3. I love chocolate, but I hate chocolate ice cream. 4. I sleep with my eyes partially open. One of my best friends said she thought I was awake the whole time she was talking to me, then finally realized it was weird I wasn’t responding. 5. I’m a major introvert. I love seeing my friends and always have a great time with them, but I’m a total homebody and I need my alone time. I’d much rather be home reading a good book or watching ‘Friends’ reruns than sitting in a bar having drinks. 6. I have to make the bed every day. I used to get so annoyed when my mom would nag me about it in high school, but now it’s a must. I even tried to just let it go today, but by 4 PM guess what I was doing. 7. My first (and only) concert was NKOTB-The Reunion Tour! I hope you’re all having a great end to the weekend! Just finished TWD and watching the Grammy Awards now.


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