Shop my stash: Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder


Summer is probably my least favorite season. Where we live it’s hot, humid and merciless. In some ways I love that we get a true taste of every season, but there are times I just want to live in Southern California where apparently, it’s perfect weather all year round. I haven’t used this powder as much since getting the Bahama Mama bronzer from the Balm, but today I found myself missing the natural tan that it gives.


I bought the Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder the first time I visited New York with my husband (then fiancΓ©). I’d been waiting to get it for some time and when I dragged him into Sephora with me, I figured just go for it! Something about New York makes a girl very spendy. I had still been using the NYC Sunny bronzer at the time and I was ready for a step up. It’s a warm matte bronzer that’s perfect for giving you that sun-kissed look. I used to be a typical sun worshipped, but now I lather in SPF 50 and wear a hat to protect my face from the sun if I’m on the beach. I’m so over the winter at this point that I just wanted to just fake that ‘I’ve been lying by the pool tan’ today. This powder is more geared towards bringing an all over warmth to your skin, not as a contour. I apply it to all the areas of my face where the sun would hit. It blends easily, but don’t be heavy handed with it because the pigmentation is quite good. It also has a light scent to it that I can’t describe, but it isn’t overwhelming. This powder also comes in several other shades to accommodate a variety of skintones, but I think at the time I bought it, 01 was the only one that had no shimmer.


While I count the days until summer, I’ll at least have this to get me through the rest of winter.


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