NYC Expert Last Lip Color Review


When I recently reviewed the NYC Expert Last Lip Laquers here, I mentioned I also picked up some of the lipsticks from the same line. There were 5 shades available at my local drugstore and I picked up four of them, the last one was the kind nude that is not right for my skintone. I got 449 Creamy Mauve, 451 Velvety Fushcia, 450 Pure Coral, and 452 Red Suede.


My picks from the NYC Expert Last Lipsticks.

From the NYC website:

  • Wears up to 6 hours
  • Long lasting shine
  • Amplified color
  • Velvety and glamorous finish
  • Doesn’t feather or bleed

From L to R: Red Suede, Pure Coral, Velvet Fuchsia, Creamy Mauve

The packaging of these lipsticks is typical of the NYC brand from what I remember buying years ago, it’s a twist up tube, but the bullet does not descend fully into the tube. I’m not crazy about this because it’s easy to mistakenly hit the product while covering it. On initial application, the formula seemed to glide on easily, but they aren’t as pigmented as I’d like and the lightest color emphasized every dry spot on my lips. I actually had to remove it and exfoliate with my lip scrub and a toothbrush it was so unflattering. The pigmentation improved with the darker shades, but I needed still needed multiple swipes to get the job done. The finish is supposed to be a satin matte, I think it leaned more satin.


Clockwise from top L: Creamy Mauve, Velvety Fuchsia, Red Suede, Pure Coral

In terms of wear, this is not transfer-proof whatsoever and smudged easily when my daughter’s hand swiped my face. Or anytime my hand got near my lips I found it rubbed off no matter how careful I was (like when I used my teeth to hold Ava’s hair tie to pull it open with my fingers). I wore the red shade that day so her hands and mine had a pink tinge at one point or another. It did rub off more in the center during lunch since it transferred to my glass, but after pressing my lips together it did actually even out enough to get away with it, despite the coverage being a bit more sheer. I can’t say it’s a six hour wear lipstick though, maybe if you don’t eat or drink or talk for that time frame (if you can pull that off then I’m impressed). I actually did like all the shades I chose except the light pink/lavender that just wasn’t flattering in my skin tone.

The biggest issue with these lipsticks was that they actually dried out my lips and caused them to flake and peel. I realized that the lip lacquers also had the same effect on me, which is why I must have had to hardcore exfoliate while testing these since I tested the lip lacquers the day before. I’ve been using a ton of lip balm since I woke up this morning to try to get some moisture back, I’ve never had a lip product do this before.

The NYC Expert Last Lipsticks and Lip Laquers are a definite no for me. If you tried these what did you think?


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