No-heat beachy waves for those lazy hair days.


I’ve mentioned in my hair care post that I don’t like how my hair looks when it’s air-dried. My hair is, for lack of a better word, confused. The top half (say from my ears up) is naturally wavy and coarse, the bottom half is thick and stick straight. Ironically, my dad’s hair was wavy and my mom’s hair is stick straight. Of course, I ended up with a little of both. When I air-dry my hair, that is literally what I do. I comb through it after getting out of the shower and that’s it. I end up waiting until it’s fully dry so I can just throw it into a top knot. I decided I need to actually put some effort into getting my air-dried hair to look more presentable so I can skip the blow-dry on those lazy days when I can’t bring myself to do my whole blow dry routine.

First, I sprayed my hair with the Wen Replenishing Treatment Mist to add in a little extra moisture after washing my hair with the Wen Cleansing Conditioner. I got this in the 5 piece set I got during the Sephora VIB sale and I just recently started using it. Then I do my makeup and let it air-dry a bit on it’s own. Then while it’s still pretty damp, I scrunch in the L’Oreal Curve It Elastic Hold Mousse. I got this a few months ago and never really got around to using it. I put in a pretty good amount, like a baseball-sized pump, on both sides of my head. One problem that I have is my hair tends to look flat at the crown when I air-dry because my hair is so thick and heavy. So to combat that I part my hair in the opposite direction of my usual part while I air-dry so that when I flip it back it’s not so flat looking. The effect is effortless, beachy waves and I actually like it! When I just let it air-dry with no product it just looks frizzy and flat. I’m pretty psyched that I can start skipping blow-dries once in a while when I’m short on time or just not in the mood.


What are your favorite products to use when your air-dry your hair?


16 thoughts on “No-heat beachy waves for those lazy hair days.

  1. Love this look on you. You have flawless skin! I use the bumble and bumble surf spray when I air dry my hair. It is the only spray that has ever made my hair wavy but not crunchy! I do have a giveaway going on right now with it. If you’d like to enter to try it! Does the mousse leave your hair crunchy or soft?!


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