Current favorite makeup brushes.

Since I washed my makeup brushes last night, I thought I’d quickly share which ones are in heavy rotation as of late. This is by no means comprehensive, but these are the brushes I use for the most part on a daily basis and have more of a preference for as of late.


Foundation & concealer picks

For my foundation, it’s either my beautyblender or the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I use the beautyblender with liquid foundations and the RT brush for tinted moisturizer or CC creams.Β I don’t think I need to say much about the beautyblender, you all know how great it is for a flawless finish. And I’ve recently fallen for the RT brush, I just like how it’s more narrow than my Sigma flat top kabuki brush and I like how it fits around my nose and in the corners of my eyes when applying foundation. For concealer, honestly I use my fingers most of the times. But, if I’m already using my beautyblender for foundation then I continue using it with my concealer. Or I’ll use this Sonia Kashuk pointed foundation brush, especially for my undereye concealer, as the shape works well for that area.


Setting powder, blush, bronzer, & highlight picks.

For setting my foundation, I go for my Bobbi Brown sheer powder brush. I have the smaller one, there is also a larger size. This does the job, but I have to admit that it’s not as soft as I’d like for a brush that was on the pricey side. My favorite blush brush is also from Bobbi Brown and that brush feels super soft and I’ve never been happy with my blush application until I go this. Worth every penny to me. When I’m going for a more contoured effect, I’ll use the Nars Ita brush, but if I’m just trying to warm up my skin I use the Real Techniques Blush Brush. It’s a little too large for blush for me, but it works fine for an overall bronzing. I either use the Real Techniques Contour Brush or a Crown duo fiber brush to apply highlighter.


Eye shadow & eyebrow picks.

I use a Sigma tapered blending brush for applying a more diffuse crease color and a MAC 217 for applying anything more concentrated in my crease or outer V. I use the MAC 239 to pack on my lid color and the Sigma pencil brush for applying shadows to my lower lash line. The double ended eyebrow brush is also from Crown. If I’m using a powder to fill in my brows I’ll use the angled side and I use the spoolie to brush through my brows everyday. Any brush favorites to recommend?

BTW, did the beautyblender get better? The one pictured is my old one, but I just opened my new one and it’s a bit smaller and it feels smoother than my old one. Not complaining, just pleasantly surprised. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Current favorite makeup brushes.

  1. That Bobbi Brown blush brush looks great nice – adding to my list to check out… eventually (I need another blush brush like a hole in the head!)
    Maybe the new Beauty Blender is just new and “virgin” and never been washed and squeezed and abused (lol) so it feel smoother and smaller?
    Hmm trying to think of a good brush to recommend to you – have you ever tried a flattened styled blush brush like the Shu Uemura #20? I like using this style for lighter shades of blushes – it adds a lot of pigment but in a diffused manner.


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