Go-to loose curls when you’re short on time & and OOTD.


I wanted to wear my hair down and have it look nice since we went to a family gathering the other day, but I didn’t have time to wash and blow dry that morning. Whenever this is the case, I break out my curling wand. I got this one from Beyond the Beauty three years ago on one of those flash sale sites, I think it was Haute Look. It comes with a 1.5 inch, 1 inch, and 3/4 inch barrel and I pretty much always use the largest one. It makes curling my hair so fast compared to the drugstore one I had been using before. The barrel gets very hot, a glove comes with it to protect your hands, but I haven’t used it since I first got it. Anyway, after using a some dry shampoo at my roots, I use the Tresemme Thermal Solutions Heat Protectant Spray all over my hair. I’ve been using this since the end of last year on the recommendation of Judy from ItsJudyTime on YouTube (I love her and her family!). I’ve been big on limiting the amount of heat styling I’ve been doing, I probably only use my curling wand maybe twice a month and I could probably just store away my straightening iron at this point. Then I clip up the top half of my hair, take one inch sections and curl it away from my face, from the roots to the ends leaving about an inch free. Sometimes I’ll start the curl more at ear level, but I needed a little extra volume at the crown so I started it higher. After all my hair is curled, I spray it with some L’Oreal Ellnett hairspray and brush through the curls to soften them up. And that’s it. It probably takes around 10 minutes curl all my hair, much less than a shampoo and blow dry would take.

IMG_9701-0The one thing I love about doing this is the second day curls. They’re even looser and they have that slept in look that I love. And I don’t have to worry about styling it the next day, I just use my hands to mess around with it a bit and again, I’m done.


My quick OOTD was nothing new, I think I could be happy if I could only have black and grey in my wardrobe (and I’d never worry that I wasn’t matching). It makes getting dressed so fast! I may as well sleep in my black Hudson jeans since I wear them so much. I also keep gravitating to my pointed toe Steve Madden boots, so much that I’m keeping my eyes open for a similar pair with a higher heel (considering these). I wore a grey H&M tank slightly tucked with a black Forever 21 sweater on top. I debated over carrying either my Chanel 2.55 or my Balenciaga Classic City, but who am I kidding? It was snowy and even though my husband always mans the diaper bag when we’re out, I didn’t want to juggle Ava and a purse. But, I would have gone with the Balenciaga, it just seemed more right with the overall relaxed look.


Still loving the gold bar earrings from Francesca’s and the layered necklace from Forever21.

What’s your ‘go-to hair’ when you’re short on time?


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