Stila Nouveau Natural Eye Shadow Palette Review


I haven’t bought a new eyeshadow palette since last year when I got the Naked Basics. I have so much eyeshadow at this point that I just couldn’t justify it, I haven’t even hit pan on any of them ever! And since all I wear on my eyes are neutrals and I have five palettes that fit that bill, it just didn’t seem warranted. So with every new release since then, I’ve passed up the Naked 3, Lorac Pro, and Smashbox Full Exposure palettes, priding myself on my self-control.

Then Claire Marshall strikes again.

She mentioned in her December favorites video that she’s been loving the Stila ‘Eyes Are The Window’ palette in Soul. I immediately go to my Sephora app to check it out and it looks beautiful. But again, I tell myself to wait it out. I don’t need it. I continue to go back to the app to look at it, but continue to resist. Until I notice Stila has a new LIMITED EDITION palette release that’s all neutrals and mostly mattes. And did I mention it’s LIMITED EDITION? Seriously Sephora, you may as well call everything limited edition and just take my bank card.

I stopped by Sephora last week during my trip to the mall and decided to just check out the ‘Nouveau Natural Eye Shadow Palette’. It’s a 12 pan palette of four shimmery and eight matte shades of gorgeous warm neutral colors. From creams to every shade of brown and even a few with a bit of a pink and taupe. It has everything I look for when doing my eye makeup on a daily basis. There are matte brow highlights, shimmery shades for my lid or inner corner highlight, and a range of matte brown tones for my crease or to darken up my outer V, or even do a brown smokey eye. I couldn’t leave the store without it.


Stila Nouveau Natural Eye Shadow Palette

The packaging is simple and sleek, gold toned and frosted over which I like because it doesn’t catch fingerprints. It feels sturdy and has some weight to it and secures with a magnetic closure. It also has a large mirror which is always a plus. And the names of each eyeshadow is printed on the back for your reference. It also comes with a small booklet with three eye looks, which is always helpful.


Top: swatches of kitten*, dune, instinct*, wind, individual, desire; Middle: in the pan; Bottom: swatches of wit, jezebel*, understanding, coco, gilded gold*, java (shimmer shade indicated with *)

The shadows apply smoothly and last well throughout the day, with and without primer. I also had no problems with creasing when I skipped the primer. They also blend beautifully and you can easily build up the intensity. They are a little powdery when you dip your brush in, but nothing crazy and I had no issues with fallout during application. The one thing this palette is missing is a matte black, I would probably think it was perfect if it had been included. However the matte dark brown does suffice for creating more depth in the outer corners of your eyes.



Today, I used wind as brow highlight, jezebel on my lid, wit in the crease, and coco in the outer corner. Kitten was used for the inner 1/3 of my lower lashine, and coco for the outer 2/3 of my lower lash line. I’m really loving jezebel, it’s a gorgeous coppery color. I haven’t been able to stop using this palette, again, I love that I can create a complete eye look with just one palette.

If you’re into neutral shades like this, I highly recommend this palette. I think you’ll love it as much as I do!


19 thoughts on “Stila Nouveau Natural Eye Shadow Palette Review

  1. Gorgeous palette! I’ve never tried Stila eyeshadows before. You have better self control with the eyeshadow palettes then I do haha! Although it has gotten to the point where it’s harder for me to justify getting more, but it’s just so hard to resist new releases!

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  2. Gosh, you’re killing me. Instead of Claire Marshall striking, now it’s Bree striking! It’s like you’re paying the makeup lemming forward, haha! Your blending skills are top-notch! I’ll be adding this to my items to check out and drool over at Sephora.

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  3. Your applied your eyeshadow beautifully 🙂 I love matte eyeshadows and also always stick to neutral colours..Its the worst when make up doesn’t last.. this sounds like a good one!

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