Menswear + feminine classics.


I love that ‘I stole my man’s shirt and made it my own’ look. Something about a woman wearing a man’s shirt just seems to enhance her femininity. I got this blue pinstriped shirt from Target awhile back because it was on sale and to be honest, I’m clumsy and tend to spill things on my clothes. Often (actually it happened today in this exact shirt while I was cooking dinner). I don’t want to mess up my husband’s work shirts so I figured I might as well get my own. A lot of women’s button downs are more form-fitting and I like that this one was cut straight at the sides.


I always start by rolling up the sleeves because they’re always way too long and it keeps it looking relaxed. To keep it from looking too unkempt, I either do a tie at the front, a half tuck, or a full one just in the front. Today I went with the full tuck with my grey straight legged jeans.


I added some feminine pieces to balance out the look. I love this cream colored lightweight scarf I got at J.Crew, it adds another layer of interest and I try to make sure to keep the collar poking through. Diamond studs are always a classic and a perfect accessory to any outfit. These are special to me because my in-laws gave them to me when we got married. Every time I wear them it reminds me of our wedding day. Classic ballet flats are a staple in my closet and I know I’ll be wearing these dark grey Chanel quilted flats for years. I cuffed my jeans to keep them looking more streamlined. I wore my oversized tortoise Michael Kors watch to add to the menswear vibe and chose a blush colored snakeskin Coach tote as my handbag. It was 3rd day hair day so I threw my hair up in a bun, but I thought it worked with the look.


What menswear items do you love to steal?


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