Embracing color + pattern when you live in black + white.


My love for neutrals doesn’t just stop at my eye shadow preferences. I do have color and pattern in my wardrobe, but I tend to stick to black, white, creams, browns, grey, you get the picture. As I’ve slowly been working on my closet overhaul, my eyes landed on this skirt I got on sale for $7.99 at Target at least two years ago. I know it was $7.99 because the tags were still on. I was definitely more open to color back then, and I likely I was drawn to the knitted fabric and pattern. I decided it was finally time to wear this skirt, even though it’s a little out of my comfort zone these days.


When working with bold colors and print, I think keeping the rest of the outfit more neutral works best. I think a small print in a similar color scheme might work too, but I have nothing that would fit the bill in my closet. I paired this skirt with a cream colored, relaxed fit V-neck to balance out not only the color, but also the fit of the skirt. Instead of black tights I went with grey and wore flat, knee high brown boots.


I kept my accessories simple with my usual bar necklace and earrings. And I added my blue Rebecca Minkoff crossbody, since it’s a solid color I don’t think it competes with the skirt.

Do you play with color in your wardrobe? Or do you live in black and white?


18 thoughts on “Embracing color + pattern when you live in black + white.

  1. That’s a great deal on that skirt! My core wardrobe consists of black and grey and I add in pops of colour – people always compliment me when I wear something bright like red or yellow but I don’t wear them too often.

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