The step you shouldn’t skip for lusher looking lashes.

The moment I started tight lining my upper waterline, it was like a makeup epiphany. Like, “Wow, this looks so much better, what took me so long to jump on this bandwagon?” I learned about this little trick when I started watching beauty videos on YouTube. It makes your lashes look fuller and I think it truly completes your eye makeup. I don’t do it all the time, especially if I’m short on time. When I do, I think my makeup instantly looks better, especially with bolder liner or a cat eye.


What I use to line and tight line my eyes with gel liner.

My favorite way to tight line is with a thin flat-topped brush, mine is from Crown, and gel liner. You can really get to the base of your lashes with this technique and fill in all the gaps so there are no blank spaces between your lashes. I just load the brush with liner, wipe off any excess, then push the flat edge of the brush right into the roots of my lashes. It’s just so much easier to get right to the base of the lashes, with pencil liner it’s harder to get that pencil in that small space.


Above is before tight lining, below is after. In the top picture you can see the spaces between my lashes, tight lining fills them in on the bottom, giving the appearance of fuller lashes at the base.

I usually do my gel liner with a MAC 210, if you’re newer to doing liner I would recommend using an angled liner brush because you’ll have more control. Practice makes perfect in either case. I like it because you can get a really thin line, I also have the liner brush from Sigma, but it’s just a little too big. I don’t have a ton of lid space so I like being able to control the thickness of my liner.


From a distance, before and after tight lining.

It may be a subtle difference to some, but now that I’m aware of it I think it makes a big difference. Do you tight line?


23 thoughts on “The step you shouldn’t skip for lusher looking lashes.

    • I like using a gel liner with a flat topped brush best because I feel like I can really get into the base of my lashes and really fill in all the areas where my skin is showing through. I do still use pencil when I’m in a rush though, but I find that there are still some areas that are a little bare. Thanks so much for reading!


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