Another day to night outfit & my take on the ‘hair tuck’ trend.


I thought I’d do another ‘day to night’ outfit because it’s pretty much what I always do if I know I’m going out later that night, unless I’m wearing sweats all day or I’m going somewhere that requires something a little fancier. It’s always nice to have ideas to change up an outfit so you don’t actually have to change. I brought Ava to storytime at the library today and threw on some distressed jeans, a black V-neck, and my grey Ugg boots. This was the first time I broke out the Uggs this season, I’ve worn Uggs since college, but lately I’m just not that into them. But, I do have to say they are comfy & warm. I wore my chucks the other day and I swear I think my feet almost froze walking from the car into the store. Plus, I got these recently after returning the same pair that ripped down the back seam (Nordstrom has the best customer service & return policies) so I figured I might as well wear them before winter is over. I added a light grey scarf to warm up the deep V of the sweater and I was done.


Banana Republic black boyfriend fit V-neck, Mossimo for Target distressed jeans. On left, grey short Ugg boots & Forever 21 grey scarf. On right, patent black CL 85mm Pigalle pumps.

To make the outfit more ‘night’, I switched out the boots for some classic black patent heels and added a pair of more dramatic earrings. I made the V-neck a little more off the shoulder and switched out my lighter fringed scarf for a knitted grey infinity one. I just like the softness of the scarf for this night out look. I skipped any other jewelry (other than my wedding band), I thought the earrings on their own were enough.


Forever 21 gold drop earrings (old)

The ‘hair tuck’ trend is big right now, where you keep your hair tucked into your sweater after putting it on. I like the easy, carefree look it gives, but I feel weird keeping my hair tucked into my sweaters. Mainly because the sensation of my hair on my back is bothersome. And it works better with a turtleneck or a higher neckline. Alternatively, I like to get the look by keeping my hair tucked into my scarf, and to me it just feels like a more natural thing to do. It’s so automatic to immediately pull my hair out from my sweater when I get dressed, but when I wrap a scarf I usually just let my hair stay tucked in anyway.


What’s your take on the ‘hair tuck’? Is it a do or a don’t?


15 thoughts on “Another day to night outfit & my take on the ‘hair tuck’ trend.

  1. I really enjoy when you do day to nighttime posts. They are very helpful! Just switching out pieces here and there. I feel like the tuck was made famous by Olivia Palermo. I have super long hair. I don’t think it’s nice with my length. Trust me. I’ve tried. It gets all static-y.

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    • Thank you I want them to be easy & with items I think everyone has some variation of in their closets! I didn’t know Olivia Palermo started it, she has great style. And that makes sense, it would be harder to do with really long hair, mine is long but I have shorter layers in the front so I think that helps.

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