Using eyeshadow for a softer cat eye.


I think a bold cat eye is appropriate any time of the day, but sometimes you might want to take it down a notch. Using eye shadow can soften up the look, especially if you want to try out a cat eye, but aren’t used to the darker look of gel or liquid eye liner. It’s also an easy way to practice getting that feline flick with an angled brush and eye shadow, which is much more forgiving. I always keep a spray bottle with just plain water on my vanity, to either use for using an eye shadow as an eyeliner, bringing out the intensity of a metallic shadow, toning down the look of a matte powder, or to quickly dampen my beauty blender. I know a lot of people use the MAC Fix +, but I’ve never tried it as this method works well enough for me and it’s basically free.


I choose the dark brown shadow from my Stila Nouveau Natural Eye Shadow Palette to do my liner today, all I did was spray the angled brush and dip it into the eyeshadow before using it to line my upper lash line as usual. Be sure to remove any excess water from the brush so it’s not too wet to dilute the color. It’s so easy to get a cat eye with the straight edge of the angled brush, and you can really control how thin you want the ‘flick’ to look. After it’s dried to soften it up even more, I smudge a little of a lighter brown shadow along the top edge of the line. You still get nice definition at the lash line and the cat eye look, but it’s a little less ‘in you face’ for days when you want to keep your makeup look on the lighter side.


Do you prefer a bolder or softer cat eye?


14 thoughts on “Using eyeshadow for a softer cat eye.

  1. I’ve tried this using Fix+ or water before but it fades and smudges on my oily lids. I’ve since bought a couple of transformer liquids and they work well except they kind of harden / ruin my powder eye shadow. I really like this softer look on you! Your eyes look very doe-like! ♥

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    • Thank you! Yes I had the Paula Dorf transformer but had the same experience. I wonder if trying a makeup setting spray would work for you. I’ve never done this myself but it might make the shadow last?


  2. Perfect! ❤ I used to do that all the time when I didn't have any liquid or gel liners! I'm totally going to wear my liner like this again! 🙂 I definitely love a softer look for everyday. 😀


  3. I think so! I did my makeup today and didn’t use the primer, any acne scarring was more evident. I did use the powder though, so I think the combination is what does it!


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