Coral crush.


I was in the mood for color today, and the usual place for that in my case is my lips. But, I didn’t want the usual pink or red today. I rummaged through the lip drawer of my makeup storage and picked up Coralberry, a Revlon creme lipstick. I got it during a summer when I was obsessed with coral and orange toned lips and blush. So I decided to go with it, since for once I’m dying for some summer heat. It’s a beautiful orange pink color that reminds me of a tropical vacation.


I used it sheerly over my Tony Moly Lip Balm, I actually like it best that way. I kept with the kind of orangey tones and used Incandescent Electra from the Hourglass Ambient Blush Palette (a peachy color) on my cheeks and jezebel from the Stila Nouveau Natural Palette, a coppery shimmer, on my lids.


I have a feeling I’ll be wearing this and all my other coral lipsticks a lot when summer hits and again, I can’t wait!

I know it’s early, but what’s your go-to summer lip color?


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