One day in six.

Another full day, just wanted to share. 🙂

1. Up and ready early this morning for a 9:30 AM play date. I usually don’t bring Ava out until the afternoon and we have a bit of a lazy morning in our PJs together, but this time worked best for everyone (and most importantly naptime!). I threw on my J.Crew pixie pants, an H&M striped sweater, and this Gap hooded best that’s lined with fur and is so cozy.

2. We went to a toddler indoor playground where there was tons of toys for the kids to play. It’s funny, whenever we bring the kids to play together they end up hanging out for a second, then going their separate ways. They’re in the 14-16 month range so it’s more parallel play than anything else.

3. During Lent I don’t eat meat on Fridays, so I had hard boiled eggs with my salad instead. I like to keep them around in general as a quick snack too! I’m going to get some veggie burgers next time I’m out as another option as well. I also love avocados with my salads, this one was finally ripe enough to eat.

4. All the posts about the new NYX lip products finally got to me and I decided to bring Ava with me to Ulta in the afternoon (we did something she wanted to do this morning so it was only fair). Ulta is a little out of the way and there was already a little traffic on the road, but she was a trooper. She’s not a car seat fan so anything longer than 20 minutes and she’s getting antsy. I think it will help when we front face her car seat, but we’re waiting until she’s two years old per the current safety recommendations. Anyway, I picked up the NYX stuff and a couple of other items, one of which I’m so excited about! It’s not a super new release, but I’ve been wanting it for awhile.

5. Ugh, Ava was having a Jammy Sammy for a snack and Benji came and snatched it! He left a trail of guilty crumbs on the couch and his face. And a mess for me to clean up, of course.

6. Working on my current favorites of February to post up tomorrow!

Hope you all had a great start to the weekend, I know we did! 🙂


9 thoughts on “One day in six.

    • They have three in my area, it’s so helpful especially during the winter since we can’t go to the park or even walk outside! The snow banks are covering all the sidewalks. I’ll have it up around 11 AM EST, thanks so much for reading! 🙂

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