What I keep on my vanity.


I’d been seeing a few posts of people sharing their vanity & makeup organization lately, and since I already shared my ‘top drawer’ I figured I should show you what’s on mine. I remember a beauty YouTuber, I think it was Ingrid Nilsen, was sharing her mirrored jewelry armoire and the minute I saw it I knew I wanted it. It’s just beautiful. When I was at the store checking it out I saw the matching vanity, which of course is also just as pretty, but I knew I’d have to wait on it. At the time I was using a table we’d picked up at Walmart (I actually think it was meant to be a console table) because when we were living in our apartment, M (my husband, then fiancΓ©) was sick of watching me drag all my makeup to our dining room and having to prop a mirror on a couple of boxes to do my makeup. Towards the last year in our apartment we ended up getting this vanity because I knew I wanted to start getting more furniture pieces that would last and that we could eventually bring to our new home. I don’t have a great organization system going, but here’s what I keep on top.


On the right I have all my hair products (hairspray, dry shampoo, etc) and in a container I have my brush, teasing comb, hair ties, and some hair clips. Mixed in there are my makeup setting sprays and other face products. I don’t really mind that they’re mixed together because I can still find everything quite easily.


Next to that is the mirror I’d prop on some books to get it to the right height to do my makeup. It still comes in handy and I use it everyday when I need a closer view of what I’m doing.


My brushes are separated into two of cups with a black & white striped pattern I got when Missoni did a collaboration with Target. It’s should be face brushes in one and eyes in the other, but it never quite stays that ways. I keep my eye and lip pencils and tweezers in a silver cup that’s probably supposed to be for pens and pencils or for the bathroom. It does the job. I also have my beautyblender that I keep on it’s original container and my Ecotools bronzer brush that I use if I need to blend out my bronzer or blush.


Lastly, I got this small mirrored tray at Urban Outfitters to keep my perfumes, but honestly I rarely wear fragrances. I have two, Chanel Chance for the spring/summer (also what I wore when I got married) and Chloe for the fall/winter. I usually only use them for special occasions. The other fragrance is a body spray from Victoria’s Secret that I stole from my sister. Since there’s space, I put my Hourglass Veil Primer on there as well, along with the travel sized Caudelie spray. I don’t use that much either and it didn’t do much for me, but I want to use it up. And there’s a sample hair oil on there just to remind me that I need to try it (obviously not working since it’s still not opened). I also keep a pack of baby wipes there for any on the spot makeup removal.

That’s about it! I keep the rest of my makeup in a plastic, 5-drawer compartment at the side of the vanity since there’s not much storage other than the drawer. I wish it were something nicer, but it works for what I need.

What do you keep on your vanity?


10 thoughts on “What I keep on my vanity.

  1. Oh I fantasize about having a vanity like yours! I literally keep my makeup in the closet in our spare bedroom! Here’s a picture: https://stashmatters.wordpress.com/2015/01/18/level-set-my-current-stash/
    I have a wall mirror to the side of the closet and I am standing up while I do my makeup…
    When I was single and living alone, I used to use the Ikea Jerker desk as my vanity – it was amazing to have everything laid out and visible. Now that desk is “command central” for the bf’s computer gaming stuff. The sacrifices we make…
    Your vanity looks like a great blend of form AND function! Thanks for sharing it! πŸ™‚

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    • Oh my!!! That is truly a makeup stash!! Haha my husband took my old ‘vanity’ and now uses in his spare bedroom for computer. You should definitely invest in a vanity, you obviously have a great love for makeup and you should have a place to sit comfortably while you put it on! I’m happy you enjoyed reading πŸ™‚


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