Battle of the eye creams.


I’ve been on the hunt for a new eye cream for awhile now so when I got a bunch of samples skincare samples from Sephora, I was happy to see several eye creams included. These are the four I tried:

1. Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream

This little sample has truly gone the distance, I only used it in the morning to maximize the brightening effects for daytime and it lasted at least 2 months if not longer. I did a first impression review here. But to update, I didn’t feel like it was hydrating enough and the brightening effect is so subtle it didn’t do it for me. Plus, I really wanted something I could use day and night.

2. Fresh Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream

This eye cream has a hybrid gel-cream consistency and is easily absorbed. It’s meant to ‘moisturize and refresh tired looking eyes’. It felt nice on my eye area and was the most hydrating. I know my eyes are on the dry side when the crease on my eye starts to fold in weird ways, the whole time I used this I had no problem with that. It does have a fragrance to it, to me it’s a sweet cucumber type smell. I can also use this day and night which I like.

3. Verso Super Eye Serum

This product was a bit confusing to me, when I think serum I still think I need to apply a moisturizer over top. Some days I continued to use my Clinique All About Eyes and somedays I’d skip it. It does absorb well into the undereye area, it’s also a light consistency versus a heavier cream.  This product is supposed to help with fine lines (it contains retinol), which I do have, but I’m pretty sure I’ve had them forever. I actually do feel like this product slightly minimized them over the week I used it. I wonder if they would have been further reduced if I had a full size, but really, I’m not paying $80 to find out. I still felt like it wasn’t quite hydrating enough either.

4. Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel

This product is meant to be used at night and is supposed to ‘lift, firm, cool, and depuff’. This one is a real gel consistency and I felt like it was a little sticky on application. You’re supposed to put it under the eye area, extending to the temples, and for maximum effect kind of hold your skin in place while lifted while the gel dries. I didn’t do all that, but FYI. I just didn’t feel like the gel absorbed well enough into my skin and it wasn’t hydrating enough for me either. And it wasn’t something I could use during the day.

Ultimately, the winner was:

It was the most hydrating, it absorbed well and I actually do feel like my eye area looks a bit more “refreshed” in the mornings. Any darkness under my eyes is still there, but it does seem better. I think this is mostly attributed to getting more sleep at night. I really feel like my eyes are moisturized, I’m not getting anymore crazy creasing of my eyelids since using this consistently. My under eye area feels much smoother and in much better condition as well. It works well under my eye makeup because it’s not too oily and it does double duty for night as well.


What eye cream are you using lately?


14 thoughts on “Battle of the eye creams.

  1. Eye creams are so tough! Currently I’m using Kiehls Midnight Recovery eye cream for daytime and Shiseido Benefiance at night. I really love both of them. I have a Sephora 500 pt perk of the Origins one that I’m saving to try when it’s warmer out.

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    • Yes I don’t think there is an eye cream that will truly fix dark circles! I think if you start good skincare early even if it’s inexpensive you’ll still be ahead of the game for the future!

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