Emma made me do it: A review of the Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in HD Tulip

I was reading a blog post from Let’s Talk Cosmetics about what the ladies on the Oscar’s red carpet wore on their lips. And again, I was taken by Emma Stone. She was wearing the most beautiful peachy coral shade, something I don’t have anything like among my many lipsticks. It was from Revlon’s Ultra HD Lipstick collection which I was honestly not very interested in until seeing HD Tulip on Emma. I picked it up the next time I was at Target to try it out.

From the Revlon website:

• Revlon patent-pending wax-free gel technology delivers true color clarity without the heavy feel

• High definition color in one smooth swipe

• Available in 20 high-definition shades


The packaging reminds me of the Revlon Lip Butters, but with a silver casing and clear cover. The top of the casing does not align with the angled shape of the lipstick which was bothersome to me because the top of the product hangs out and I’m apt to hit it with the cover (which I did). I prefer when the entire lipstick bullet descends into the casing so that it’s protected. I had to swipe the lipstick twice to build the color as shown in my swatch.

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in Tulip

So I gotta say I was pretty disappointed with this lipstick. It has a satin finish that didn’t apply evenly and was quite sheer; it took multiple layers to build the color in my already dark colored lips. To me, it seemed more like a tinted lip balm after the first layer. On Emma it was so opaque, I was expecting similar results. The lasting power is fair, it faded after about 3 hours, but was surprisingly even after I had lunch. Expect to touch up. There is a sweet scent if that kind of thing matters to you. I actually liked it better when I used a nude lip liner underneath, although it slightly altered the color. It helped it adhere better to my lips and apply a little more evenly.

Top: HD Tulip alone; Bottom: HD Tulip with nude lip liner

I only tried one lipstick from this line so I’m not sure if Tulip was the one fluke out of 20 colors. Other than the shade it was nothing special. I’ll keep using it as more of a sheer wash of color that will be nice during the summer. If your lips are lighter than mine it might apply better in you.

Wearing Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in Tulip

Have you tried the Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks yet?


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