NYX High Voltage Lipstick Review

I was seeing so many people posting about the new NYX lipsticks and glosses that I couldn’t wait any longer and headed to Ulta last week. I picked up three of the High Voltage Lipsticks in French Kiss, Sweet 16, and Flutter Kiss which are all the type of shade I usually gravitate towards. I also grabbed a few Intense Butter Glosses during the trip, but I’ve been so busy since then I haven’t even tried them yet! Anyway, time to get back on track.

The NYX High Voltage Lipsticks don’t come in the typical lipstick packaging. They are enclosed in a thinner, longer tube that to me is reminiscent of a Soft Lips balm. The cover is clear so you can see the color in the tube. Nothing super fancy, but it’s NYX so I’m fine with that. They also have a sweet scent that’s not overpowering.

I was expecting them to swatch pretty opaquely, but they needed a couple of swipes to build up the color. French Kiss (pale pink) was a little lighter & cooler toned than I was expecting. Sweet 16 (medium pink) and Flutter Kiss (mauve nude) looked just like the color on the tube. The formula gives a cream finish and they glide easily on the lips. The two pink shades tended to accentuate any dry patches and settle into the lines of my mouth, but the mauve was fine on that end.

To be quite honest, I was pretty disappointed with these lipsticks when I applied them on my lips. I know my lips are on the darker side, but with a name like ‘high voltage’ I was expecting them to be a lot more opaque. I had to really layer the lightest pink shade on to build the color; the darkest shade wasn’t so bad. I also tried them without applying lip balm and that didn’t make a difference. I did note on the Ulta website that they instruct you to use their primer before application which may be my issue here because I don’t have it. And I don’t want to have to use their primer to get good color payoff either. I don’t only have darker lips, but I also have a naturally darker lip line and I would need to nude them out with a concealer to wear these alone. I just didn’t think they were that much more pigmented than a regular lipstick and I expected them to be opaque in one swipe. There is no claim in regards to lasting power, but they stayed on for almost two hours before fading on me, I had to reapply after eating lunch as well. The other issue I have with these is that they are about $2 more than their Round Lipsticks and have less product (4 g vs. 2.5 g). If the product was significantly better I wouldn’t care so much, but I feel the two Round Lipsticks that I have, Tea Rose and Thalia, are preferable to these.

Ultimately, I was not impressed by these on their own and I don’t really see myself repurchasing them. I like that they have a wide color selection, but I wish the pigmentation lived up to it’s name. I read some reviews after formulating my own thoughts and everyone else loves them, so this might just be me.

But, all was not lost on these. I paid $6 for each of them and you better believe I’m getting my money’s worth.

I played around with pairing them with lipliner or lipgloss to make them work. For the lightest shade, which does not suit my skin tone at all, I found that layering Vanilla Cream Pie over it made it the perfect baby pink lip that I love. I used my Rimmel liner in Eastend Snob under Sweet Sixteen and Natural under Flutter Kiss and it helped to make the color apply more evenly and actually to my surprise changed the finish to be more satin. It also prolonged the wear to about four to five hours and even survived a meal (a non-greasy meal).

Although I wasn’t the happiest with these lipsticks, I’m glad they at least worked better with some reinforcement and I’ve been enjoying the French Kiss  + Vanilla Cream Pie combo since I started tried these out. I think this product will work better on you if your lips aren’t as dark as mine. I also didn’t pick up any of the darker shades which may have worked better on me.

Did the NYX High Voltage Lipsticks meet your expectations?


14 thoughts on “NYX High Voltage Lipstick Review

  1. Aw, well that’s so disappointing! 😦 Like you said, I thought they would be so much more bold and vibrant considering the name of them! I think I’ll stick to growing my Butter Gloss collection LOL.

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    • It was! I remember you said your lips are on the lighter side so these might actually work well for you! Having darker lips can be a bit annoying when it comes to lipsticks sometimes :/ But yes, can’t go wrong with Butter Glosses!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh that’s true! I might end up swatching them on my hands anyway once they get released here! I think it’ll be awhile until they do, we’re always late to the party. 😦 I’m so jealous you have darker lips! I feel like I always need to wear something on my lips to look alive LOL. Definitely, I’ve been so in love with the glosses! I’ve been converted!

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      • Haha it’s nice when I’m not wearing lipstick, but when I am I wish they weren’t! There are some great colors that would look lovely on you, if you do end up trying them let me know!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I usually just blend a little over the outer parts of my lips and that’s enough to neutralize them a bit before putting on a lighter color. Hopefully they’ll get there soon!


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