When boho met moto.

My parents got home from the Philippines last weekend and my mom brought home a dress for me from Forever 21. I’m not gonna lie, as she started pulling it out I thought it was a house dress. My mom wears them around the house in the summer. Is wearing a house dress a momhood rite of passage she felt I should partake in? Luckily, it was actually an empire waisted dress with a small floral print of reds & oranges in a blue background. I have to admit, it’s probably not something I’d pick out for myself, but I can totally see my mom wearing this back in the day. My immediate thought was, “How do I make this more me?” The next thing that came to mind was “leather”.

After trying in the dress I actually realized how cute it was on it’s own and I could already picture how’d I’d wear it in the summer. My mom has this uncanny sense of buying me clothes I end up loving that I’d never have chosen myself. Like that plaid shirt from my 90’s revival post. Since the weather is nowhere near warm enough to do the whole boho, flowy dress and sandals thing, I wanted to do another turn into winter wear that I love. You can see more of that here and here.

I went with my initial thought of adding a leather jacket to contrast with that relaxed, boho feel I get from the dress. And since it’s winter, I paired it with suede, slightly slouchy knee high grey boots. For accessories here I kept it simple with thin silver hoop earrings.

For summer, I went with black wedge sandals and added a lightweight cream colored scarf for more dimension. Looking back, belting the scarf around the dress would have been a cute touch. For accessories, I went with delicate beaded chandelier and gold and wooden bangle bracelets.

I love the challenge of making a piece of clothing work anytime and how you can add different pieces and change it’s look to suit your own. Leather and flowy fabric are an unexpected pairing that I think work so well together.

Do you change up your warm weather dresses to work for the cold?


11 thoughts on “When boho met moto.

  1. Love it! My mom hasn’t dared to buy me clothes since I was like 10, but my mother-in-law buys me things weekly. I have soooo many dresses from when I was pregnant and still big afterwards. I had the same thought: “house dress” haha. But you can totally make them work!

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    • I know she’s the best! She got a ton of clothes for Ava that are so cute! It supposed to hit 50 next week, I’m hoping it’s going to stay that way!


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