One day in six.

Today was exhausting.

1. Had another bout of insomnia and finally gave up on sleep and decided to download a new book at 2 AM. I’d read somewhere that Dark Places is even better than Gone Girl. So far, I like it. But I think I only got about two hours of sleep last night.

2. Despite feeling like a zombie this morning I decided to make pancakes from scratch for M, who had requested them sometime during the week. They’re super easy to make anyway. Ava actually doesn’t care for pancakes, she had a few bites then moved on to scrambled eggs and sausage.

3. Swatches for an upcoming post about my Rimmel by Kate lipsticks. Decided I might as well share my other two because they’re also amazing.

4. Going a little grunge today in plaid and ripped knee skinnies. Plus a little Chanel with my WOC, it’s goes with any look right?

5. Got Ava some new shades today while getting her backup loveys at Pottery Barn Baby. That store is so cute! I definitely want to get the bedding for our next little one there.

6. And a little something for mommy. I got Satin Taupe like I’d mentioned before and a couple of other items, another eye shadow and a lipstick. I think the hype got to me, couldn’t resist the lipstick.

Came home, then collapsed in bed for 10 minutes before starting another load of laundry and dinner. Hoping to catch some Z’s tonight!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


20 thoughts on “One day in six.

  1. I got as far as 15 pages of Gone Girl, before I abandoned it. I didn’t have so much time to read last year, so I had to settle for the movie adaptation. It stunned me so! :)) Now I’m curious about Gillian Flynn’s other books. I’ll look into Dark Places for sure.

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