First impression: Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base Review

While we were at the mall this weekend I went into Urban Outfitters and was surprised to see they carry Tony Moly there! I use the Tony Moly Bbo Bbo Honey Lip Balm (review here) daily to start my makeup routine. I’ve been intrigued more lately by Korean beauty products (especially after reading all the reviews on Jen’s blog, Dorkchops), but unfortunately, it’s not readily available to me in the US (at least where I am). And since it’s all still new to me I haven’t gotten up the nerve to order anything online yet. So I picked up a few items and this was one of them. I couldn’t resist a product that targets under eye darkness and is shaped like a panda. 🙂

I’m actually not someone who’s that into makeup packaging unless it’s super luxe, like the Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow Palette. But seriously, Tony Moly, you had me at the packaging! I love how Asian brands make the most adorable packaging. I used to collect Sanrio everything when I was in high school, so this feels like it’s resurrection in my adulthood. This balm is actually in a larger lip balm type twist up container and the cover, of course, looks like a panda! The box it came in reads: “This portable Stick-type Eye Base brightens up areas around the eyes with its speedy coverage.” The directions state: “Apply it around the eyes where you have dark circles and blemishes and pat lightly to absorb.”

When I opened the product in the store, I thought, “It’s white. What the heck is this going to do?” I actually made sure someone hadn’t put the wrong tube in the box. I assumed it would be pink-toned. But, you never know until you try, so I got it anyway. After swatching it and blending it into my forearm, I thought it felt kind of like a face primer, but drier and slightly thicker. It dries down as you rub it in, leaving my skin feeling quite smooth and with a light hint of white. It actually absorbs well into the under eye area and is not heavy feeling at all considering it’s in balm form. This just made me more skeptical.

But, surprise surprise, after blending it under my left eye, the darkness there was visibly reduced! It definitely brightened up the area and felt very light on my skin. It obviously didn’t eradicate them completely, but that’s not what I was expecting anyway. It just automatically made my eyes look more awake and less like I was tossing and turning all night. I think this product is awesome for days when you don’t want to put on any makeup, but want to quickly give your eyes a little boost. It blends seamlessly into my skin despite the white cast in my swatch. I never bother putting on concealer no matter how bad the circles are unless I’m going to at least be doing ‘no makeup’ makeup. The only concealer I have that blends that well with my skin and not have to set is my Cle de Peau concealer and that’s too expensive to be using for a no makeup day. This is a perfect alternative for my mornings when I have to leave the house with Ava and I don’t want to get up early to do my makeup.

Top to bottom: my typical under eyes; balm applied under my left eye (on your right, the eye with the mole directly under my lower lash line); both eyes

It also was quite a nice base to my concealer. I think it actually blended even more easily and helped to brighten the area without having to use as much product as I normally would.

After applying concealer and powder.

This was $12 at Urban Outfitters and I think it was completely worth it and I already know I’ll repurchase. I’m not sure how well this would work on more severe dark circles, but for mine I was satisfied with the result. I do recommend this product, if you’re in a UO store, they have testers if you want to try it (just bring an alcohol wipe if that’s your plan). I just checked out the UO website and they have a ton more from the brand that I didn’t see in-store! I want to try it ALL!  

Have you tried the Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base? Did you love it like I did?


15 thoughts on “First impression: Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base Review

  1. Tony Moly does really amazing products! I also tried the Panda eye stick, but the one that gives the cooling effect – Tony Moly Panda’s Dream So Cool and that is a true magic for under-eye puffs and dark circles! Nice review!

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  2. Oh man, I need to try this! Did you find the balm consistency to be hard to blend? I don’t want to tug at my eye area too much. Also, I bet this item is MUCH cheaper online than at UO – I’ve ordered Asian cosmetics directly and they ship free AND it’s cheaper!
    I’m a sucker for cute packaging… and a PLUS if the product inside is good too! I have a few Tony Moly items and they’re all great AND so darn cute.

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    • I rubbed the balm on my ring finger before applying to my under eye. I think if you tried to apply directly from the stick it would tug the skin there. It blended easily with a finger. And good to know, thank you!! Which website do you typical use?


  3. Aww… The packaging is so cute! I’ve been so tempted to buy Tony Moly products before but usually the prices or shipping time stops me. I’m tempted to check my local UO to see if they sell any Tony Moly there…

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