My ‘natural’ eyebrow routine.


I shared my usual brow products in my ‘top drawer’ post and wanted to share my eyebrow routine to go along with it. I want to preface this by saying that I am no means a brow expert, and most days they probably look more like distant relatives than cousins. The brow look I like is full and natural, hopefully they come off that way. I’ve been devoted to the Anastasia Brow Wiz for quite sometime now and wanted to share how I use it. You can also do essentially the same thing with a brow powder and angled brush, but this is my most preferred method.

I start by removing any stray hairs with tweezers. Mine are by Tweezerman, I have the slanted and pointed tip versions and both work well. Next, I brush them into place with a spoolie, if I’m using the ABW, I just use the one on it. I got about three hours of sleep the night before so please excuse my under eyes. My bags and dark circles are in full force!

Next, I draw a line in short strokes to outline the shape of the top my brows, starting a bit shy of where they start in the center. I’d read sometime back that this helps to give the brows a ‘lifted’ appearance versus outlining the bottom. If your brows are more sparse, you might want to do both top and bottom, or if you like your brows to look more defined. My main tip here is to draw in light, short strokes to give the line a soft appearance. The ABW has a very fine tip, making it easy to make sure you don’t go overboard.

I proceed to use short stroke to fill in my brows, starting more towards the middle then working my way towards the end. I always draw the ‘hairs’ in the direction of hair growth to make them blend in better. Some of my brow hairs grow downward, especially in my right eyebrow and it drives me crazy, but when I try to draw in the opposite direction it just ends up looking weird. After most of my brow is filled in, I move to the front of my brows and very lightly fill in the area so it looks softer and a little lighter than the rest to give a more natural appearance. I always turn my head at different angles to make sure all the more sparse areas are filled, sometimes if I just look straight on I realize later I’ve missed a spot. Also, I make sure to spot check in my vanity mirror so I can see how it’s looking from a distance and of course, to make sure they’re looking similar when you start doing the next brow.

To end, I set my brows in place with the Anastasia brow gel in Brunette. Because some of my brow hairs tend to grow downwards, this helps to keep them from sticking out in the wrong direction.

And this is the final product. They never match completely, but like they say, ‘your brows should be cousins, not twins’.  My left brow is so much easier to fill than my right, but I try to get them even enough. Honestly, brows are where I tend to get a little lazy, but I do think they help to frame the face and enhance your makeup look. I always take more time when filling them if I’m going somewhere special.

What are your favorite brow products? Any special tips and tricks?


8 thoughts on “My ‘natural’ eyebrow routine.

  1. I’ve never tried the ABW but I see it mentioned all the time. I use the Shu Uemura brow pencil in Seal Brown and it’s a great match and looks really natural. I used to use a combination of eye brow pens and powder which I think has better longevity but took longer to do.
    My right eyebrow always turns out better than my left one for some reason! I wish I could clone it.

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    • Lol I know how you feel about cloning a brow! I’ve never tried using both powder and pencil because I’m already a little lazy in the brow area, but I find that both ABW powder and pencil are long lasting.


  2. Brows look great, love the review!! I live by all ABH brow products! The brow wiz is fantastic for day to day. The brow gel is the perfect setting fluid too 🙂

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