NYX Intense Butter Gloss Review

I finally got around to breaking the seal on the NYX Intense Butter Glosses I got more than a week ago. I picked up the shades that I thought would be perfect for when summer finally decides to roll around: Napoleon (medium pink), Banana Split (peachy orange), Sorbet (pale pink). From the brand’s website:

“Smother your lips with a silky gloss bursting with color! Our Intense Butter Gloss has the same mouth-watering texture and scent of the original formula with even more color payoff in 12 new delectable shades.”

This reinvention of the NYX Butter Glosses (probably my favorite drugstore lipgloss) comes in the same tube, but more opaque plastic with a shiny black cover. They also have a flat applicator versus the more doe foot shaped applicator of it’s predecessor. I did find this aided in spreading the gloss over my lips. There is also a sweet scent to these that doesn’t linger too long. When swatching them on my forearm, I did find them to be quite pigmented, however I did do a double swipe to get an opaque swatch.

Top: Napoleon, Sorbet, Banana Split; Bottom: swatched Napoleon, Banana Split, Sorbet (I meant to swatch them in the same order as the above picture, didn’t realize until later that I was off. Oops!)

When I started applying the gloss to my lips the first time, I thought the formula was a bit too thick and sticky for my taste. But once you smooth them out it’s fine and they aren’t overly stick once they’ve settled on the lips. I did find that Sorbet and Banana Split did not apply as evenly as Napoleon. With Napoleon I got even, rich coverage with the first application. I did have to layer the Banana Split and Sorbet twice to get the color and coverage shown in the photos, but I actually prefer them a little more sheer on me anyway. Banana Split is definitely an out of my comfort zone shade for me. If it was a matte finish I’d probably feel more comfortable with it at it’s full intense color, but it was a bit much for me with the shine. Sorbet was a little too cool my skin tone, but still wearable. Napoleon was the sure winner for me in terms of color and application. I didn’t try any of the darkest shades in the range, but I’m guessing they would have worked well on my already dark colored lips.

Top to bottom: Banana Split, Napoleon, Sorbet

There are a few things I want to note regarding the application and wear of these:

  • Exfoliate. The lighter shades tended to cling to any flakes on my lips.
  • Wipe the excess gloss from the applicator. It made it easier to spread and less likely for any excess product to pool in the center of my lips. You can blot and apply another thin layer if problematic.
  • Banana Split tends to bleed, you may want to use a lipliner with this one.
  • These aren’t market to be long wearing and they aren’t. They transfer easily to a drinking glass and will fade with a meal. Expect to touch up.

I’ll probably end up pairing Banana Split and Sorbet with lipstick to make them more wearable on me. Napoleon I love on it’s own. Overall, I do like these, it’s not love, but I like them enough to pick up Tres Leches (nude pink), which wasn’t available when I bought these. That shade is right up my alley. There are a couple of darker ones I like, but I’ll probably wait until this fall before deciding if I want to try them.

I definitely think the NYX Intense Butter Glosses are worth a try, if you have any thoughts on them please share!


21 thoughts on “NYX Intense Butter Gloss Review

  1. I love how you include how it looks on your lips in your lippie reviews rather than just swatches (: another great review! I don’t think these intense butter glosses are for me but I would give one a try.

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  2. Great review! I like their matte lip creams. At first I was thinking the Banana Split looked the nicest especially because I am more attracted to orangey lippies. But when you said it bleeds, huge turn off just because glosses should be low maintenance. Just swipe and go!

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  3. Napolean looks like a fantastic colour for summer. 🙂 I think they are slightly too opaque for me though. A bit too intimidating. Although of the three Napolean would look best on me.

    This was a really helpful review. 🙂

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      • I just worry that trying to wear this one sheerer means patchy pigmentation. Which is an unfortunate sacrifice. Maybe I’ll just have to bite my lip and try a bolder look. 😛

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