Shop my stash: Dior Powder Shimmer in Amber Diamond

Another piece of makeup love that I haven’t used in way too long is the Dior Powder Shimmer in Amber Diamond. This is the first high-end highlighting powder I ever purchased, after it being highly popularized in the YouTube beauty community a few years ago. I’d only used it on special occasions when I first purchased it, I remember thinking I needed to conserve it as much as possible because of its beauty. I didn’t even want to use it at first, lest ruin the design imprinted onto it. Anyway, I didn’t realize back then just how long it takes to use up a highlighting powder (forever) and now I use it whenever the mood strikes.

It’s packaged in a blue compact with a holographic ‘CD’ behind the silver ‘Dior’ name. It even comes with its own little dust bag to protect it from getting any scratches and such. It also has a mirror on its cover which is always a nice addition.

Dior Powder Shimmer in Amber Diamond

The powder is actually 5 shades that you can blend together into one. They range from a pale white frost to a deep bronze that meld together into a beautiful gold/champagne shade. There is no glitter and I find it adds just enough glow to my cheekbones. I don’t like an obvious highlight, but this is buildable if you want it to be more intense. I actually like this best in the summer when I have more warmth to my skin. I usually apply it with the Real Techniques Contour Brush as it deposits the perfect amount of product. It’s also great as an inner corner highlight and I’ve also used it as an eye shadow.

Wearing Amber Diamond

I thought they had discontinued the product, but I think Dior may have just repackaged and redesigned the powder. On the Sephora website I found its reincarnation and the shade is called Amber. I’ve never seen it myself in person so I’m not too sure. Like they say I guess, all good thing must come to an end. I’m happy I got this one because im excited to break it out more once summer hits.

Did you try the original Amber Diamonds? What did you think?


13 thoughts on “Shop my stash: Dior Powder Shimmer in Amber Diamond

  1. I wonder if amber is the same as amber diamonds cos when I heard it was discontinued I was like there goes my chance (not that I need a highlighter ever) I have Benefit high beam to take care of!


  2. I have this. I love it. It’s the only highlighter I use. Although am not really a highlight girl. Have you tried the balm Mary louminiser (however you spell it). I wanna give it a go and see how it compares as it seems to be the new raved about one… I still remember when everyone was obsessed with benefit high beam!!! X

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