Giorgio Armani Master Corrector Review

I heard about the Giorgio Armani Master Corrector years ago, but I never thought I needed it since my dark circles weren’t that bad. When Sephora announced they were carrying the brand recently, it reminded me of the product and I decided to try it out. I’ll warn you that the recommendations on the Sephora site are misleading. It says that the pink shade works with olive skintones and the apricot shade works with cool skintones. I almost bought the pink one, but then decided to just take a peek at the Nordstrom reviews and there the recommendation are different:

– Pink: It’s designed to counteract sallow, dull skin and correct yellow and olive pigmentation.

– Orange: It targets olive and dark skin tones to conceal under-eye circles, freckles, dark spots and hyper-pigmentation.

Confused? Me too. I ended up going to the brand’s website and looking at blog reviews which all confirmed that I actually wanted shade 2, the orange/apricot shade, to conceal dark circles on my olive skintone.

The Master Conceal is packaged in a clear plastic tube with a bold line drawn down it’s side. Very minimalist. It has a brush applicator that’s very fine to allow you to apply the product very specifically. It’s consistency is quite thin and almost serum-like, but it’s definitely pigmented. And it’s orange. Very orange. One complaint after using it for a couple of weeks is that the top of the tube starts to get a little messy because the valve is a little too big and doesn’t control the emptying of the product as well. I recommend storing this standing up just to it allows the excess to drain back into the bottle.

This isn’t meant to be spread under your entire undereye area. You really want to target just the areas of darkness under your eyes. For me, I draw it below my inner and outer corners and I dab a small dot right in the outer corner. Then I use my finger to blend, really just keeping it to the areas I painted it onto. And somehow miraculously it doesn’t look orange once it’s blended it. And it really does neutralize my darkness. If I want a little more coverage I’ll do another few dots just where I need it. It’s so light you can layer it without worry, no caking or settling into fine lines. I do want to emphasize that you don’t need a lot of this, use sparingly! This is another product that I can get away with using on it’s own, but I still like to use another lighter concealer to give the highlighted effect. I go in with the Nars Creamy Concealer in Custard and dot it in the area below where I want to highlight. Then I blend that in over my under eye area staying away from getting too close to the lash line and over my cheekbones.

I have to say that this is the happiest I’ve ever been with the results of my concealing efforts. I used just Custard for awhile, but I found it was too light and it wasn’t really cancelling out the darkness the way I wanted and made the area look a little ashy. That’s why I ended up getting the shade Ginger to mix in with Custard to see if that would work. It helped, but I still thought it could be better (I know, I’m sorry, I’ll admit I’m probably being overly picky). Anyway, I’m finally satisfied with my under eye concealer and I think I’ll be off this concealer train for good (for now).

Top to bottom: my dark circles; where I apply the Master Conceal in shade 2; Master Conceal blended; where I apply the Nars Creamy Concealer in Custard; after blending Custard; the final result after my makeup is complete

I definitely recommend the Master Corrector. I didn’t use the Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base (review here) with this so I could show how the Master Corrector works on its own, but I do like using that as a base. This stuff has definitely made my under eye routine much quicker, despite the fact that I’m using 3 different products. I think because I can just dab on and blend the Master Corrector and the Nars Creamy Concealer quickly and I don’t feel the need to fuss around much more with it because the coverage is just right. I definitely recommend this is you aren’t happy with your dark circle coverage!

Have you tried the Giorgio Armani Master Corrector? What did you think?


9 thoughts on “Giorgio Armani Master Corrector Review

  1. Oh man, this is another item that’s been on my wish list. It works amazingly on you, I can definitely see a significant difference. I’m bolding it on my wish list (along with the Cle de Peau concealer) *shakes fist*

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  2. The colours really confuse me also! A lady in Mac in Prague tried to explain to me how the different colours work but I was just lost.. This method seems to really work 🙂 I would never have though of using too products to conceal.

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  3. Ok not that you even have full on eye bags or circles or anything but Wow I can totally see the difference! It looks really great! Have you tried the Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer? The color is similar, but it’s in a pot. Same concept!

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    • Thank you 🙂 Actually I have! I still have it, but it’s a bit too dark, I bought it on Haute Look when I was still into getting a tan in the summer! I think the actual shade I got is called tan. It might work for when we get back from vacation, I’ll have to revisit it then!

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