Closet Staples Series: Jackets & Coats

I wanted to start a little series on the closet essentials, things that really help to complete your wardrobe. I think this varies depending on where you’re from, where I live we get each season in it’s entirety. I thought it would be fun to share my picks, as well as get suggestions from everyone of what I’m missing. I decided to start at the top with jackets, each of these definitely gets worn at some point during the year.

So, let’s get started.

Denim. I’ve had many jean jacket thoughout the years, this one I got from H&M about 2 years ago. I wear it a lot in the spring and cool summer evenings. It’s a great layering piece, I love how it looks well-worn and that it’s a lighter denim.

Leather. A great leather jacket is a definite must-have in every wardrobe. I got this one from Zara and it was super affordable and I think the leather is actual quite nice and soft. I also have a faux leather jacket that I got from Target last year that I also love. It’s just another great piece that can be dressed up or down, and can add a little edge to a more feminine outfit, a contrast that I love.

Utility. Another great light jacket option, especially when I’m wearing jeans. I love the large pockets for throwing in keys or a lip balm. This was another Zara find, it also has a removable hood. I have a green utility jacket as well, I probably wear these more than the jean jacket because the pockets!

Blazer. I probably wear this blush pink blazer from Forever 21 even more than my black and grey ones. It’s great for a fancy brunch or as a jacket for a dressier event. I wore this over a cream colored cocktail dress during my bridal shower. I think the black one is too serious sometimes, which is why I tend to go for this pink one. It’s also a little more casual with the missing lapels and buttons.

Statement. Whether it’s color or details, it’s nice to have a jacket beyond the basics. This one is a dark green that’s belted at the bottom, the most recent addition to my coat closet from Zara last fall. I also have a red coat from J. Crew that I love for a little added color, but I think I must have left it at my parent’s house (I hope).

Classic. I got this black Zara (see, it really is my favorite store) coat the first time M and I went to New York together. It’s a classic silhouette, double-breasted, and hangs just above my knees. It’s a perfect alternative to my standard ‘it’s so cold I must wear a sleeping bag’ North Face when I need something a little dressier.

What are your coat closet staples? What should I add to mine?


14 thoughts on “Closet Staples Series: Jackets & Coats

  1. Great post! I love the blazer, it’s so easy to pop on and look put together. I probably own 15 blazers in all different colours. I don’t own a leather jacket, I don’t think I can rock that look.
    What about a classic trench (think Burberry) – it’s a versatile piece and a good quality one should last you years!

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    • I actually have one but haven’t worn it in forever. I don’t work (or didn’t) in a very corporate environment and I just didn’t find myself reaching for it on my off time. But the fit isn’t great because it’s a little too big, I think I’ll see if I can get it tailored and maybe I’ll start wearing it again. Thanks for reminding me of it!!

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  2. Love it! Where in the world do you live? I feel like it’s somewhere where the weather changes a lot…:)
    I live in Sweden and that’s the reason for my jacket/coat collection being very large.


  3. I very recently picked up a faux leather jacket that I’m sure will be a staple! I’m attempting to rebuild my wardrobe so this sort of post is super inspiring!

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