This housekeeping hack is life changing: Put on a duvet cover the easy way!

The worst part about changing the sheets is putting on the duvet cover. Trying to stuff the comforter into the duvet and get all the corners aligned and have it lay evenly is a pain. So when I saw a Facebook post about how to do it the easy way, I clicked on it right away. I watched the video and my mind was blown. Why have I not known about this until now?! I had to try it the next time I changed the sheets. I just had to share this in hopes of helping others like me who struggle every week stuffing her comforter into the duvet!

Here’s how to do it:

1. Lay your comforter inside out on your bed with the opening at the foot of the bed. I intentionally left mine inside out when I washed it so that it would be ready to go.

2. Lay your comforter on top of the duvet, making sure to align all the corners.

3. Roll the duvet over the comforter starting from the top of the bed, like a jelly roll, down to the foot where the the duvet opening should lay.

4. Once it’s rolled all the way to the end, invert both ends into the duvet cover and tuck the roll into the duvet. At this point you can button up the duvet.

5. Start unrolling the comforter up towards the head of the bed until you’ve reached the end.

6. You’re done! I just make sure each corner of the duvet is aligned with each corner of the comforter. No sweating and struggling to get the comforter straight within the duvet!

Seriously, it was so easy! Changing the sheets is now a complete breeze and I’m no longer annoyed at the thought of changing the duvet cover. I couldn’t find the original video I watched, but I found another one from the Today Show that I’ll link here since I know watching it will make it easier to understand.

Are you already doing this housekeeping hack? Am I just late to the party?


14 thoughts on “This housekeeping hack is life changing: Put on a duvet cover the easy way!

  1. I saw this hack on reddit! Too bad our duvet is banned now – the boy finds it too hot. We now use a comforter, then on my side, I do an additional layer with a blanket or else I freeze!
    Thanks for sharing this and spreading this awesome hack!

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