A ‘day in my life’ with a 15 month old.

This post was a great idea I got from Maggie of Mother of Gracie! She wrote this post about seeing herself in the mirror and thinking she looked like a ‘C9’ mom (check out the post here if you’re curious about what that means, it was definitely a new one for me!) and I could totally relate, that was my first 6 months of motherhood! I love reading Maggie’s blog, she’s a mommy of two and I love getting a preview of what I’m in for when we decide to grow our family! Having two little ones is a completely different ball game from what I’ve heard and I’m pretty sure my time for anything non-mom will become much more limited. She said I should write a ‘day in the life’ type post that gives my mommy/blogging routine to give an idea of how I manage daily blogging with the non-stop of being a mom. Honestly, I’m pretty sure when number 2 comes along, my weekly posts will decline dramatically for awhile. There’s no way I would have managed it in the early months of Ava’s life, I was lucky if I managed to shower back then. I didn’t post daily when I first started either, I think as time has went on I’ve gotten into a good groove with it and have figured out how to meld blog life into my mom life.

If your’re curious about a ‘typical day’ for us, keep reading…

8:10 AM. M shakes me awake. I must have slept through my alarm. He’s rushing to get to work for an early meeting. I run to get Ava out of bed (she woke at 8 according to M) so she can see daddy for a few minutes before he leaves. She runs around our room while I brush my teeth, then we brush hers. I started singing the ‘alphabet song’ while I brush so she gets used to doing it longer. Some days she’s let’s me brush for 2 seconds before pushing my hand away. I also quickly make the bed (one less thing for later).

8:32 AM. Breakfast. No, she doesn’t eat all that. I tried these waffles for the first time today, she ate half. Next time I’ll just break it in half before toasting. She also had half the yogurt and a few blueberries. I usually have an Advocare shake and coffee. And whatever fruit is left over. While she’s stilI in the high chair (or whining at my feet), I wash dishes/load dishwasher.

9:05 AM. I link Pandora from my phone to our stereo and it’s play time. I keep the TV off in the mornings (I do miss the Today Show) and Ava will play with her toys while I finish my coffee, we’ll read, sing, or she’ll just run around the house. I’m not a mom who’s crazy strict about TV, we do have it on during the day usually in the afternoon and evening, but I do want to teach Ava that she can’t watch it whenever she wants. I also folded some laundry I left from the night before and swept the kitchen during this time, Ava usually ‘helps’ with the laundry and sweeping-my mom brought me back a ‘walis’ or broom from the PI (I knew I was old when I asked my mom to get me one, I just think it works better) and a small matching one for Ava. It’s too cute. We share a pear around 10:30 for snack. Around 11, I start to pick up some of Ava’s toys and put them away before nap time.

11:30-1:30 PM. Naptime = mommy time! I put Ava down and I do my makeup & get dressed. Today it takes me about 40 minutes, start to finish, I did do take some photos for an upcoming post as well. At about 12:15, I went downstairs to work on lunch (a salad for me & a sandwich for Ava). I had my salad as I edited two posts for the blog. Ava woke right at 1:30, some days she only does an hour & others I need to wake her at 1:30 to preserve her second nap. She’s really close to the dreaded 2-1 (if you’re a mom, you probably know what I’m talking about) and I’m still holding on for dear life. I bring her downstairs for her lunch and sit with her while she eats. I do any dishes left in the sink/load what I can into the dishwasher. Then I get her dressed and ready to go out.

2:30 PM. We’re ready to leave the house and head to Target (what would be a typical day in my life without it?) to pick up a few things. And it was one of those days I was hardcore craving a Starbucks latte. Just my luck, as soon as I settle Ava into the shopping cart, I look over and the counter is dark because they’re closed for the rest of the day (womp womp). I take a deep breath and continue on with our shopping. We spend about an hour there before heading home.

3:43 PM. We’re back home, I grab Ava a smoothie and a snack and I finish the latte I got at the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru (something’s better than nothing). I give her some measuring cups to play with while I start dinner. A little after 4, I put on Disney Junior for her so I can tend to the stove because she’s over the measuring cups. Once it’s simmering, I join her in the living room to hang out, watch TV and finish her snack that she can’t have without me sitting there. I bring her upstairs for her second nap around 5.

5:10-6:15 PM. Ava’s in her crib and she’s rolling around with her lovey. This is her routine before she falls asleep. I go to my vanity and put on some lipstick, I need a little pick me up (I went with Nars Anita). Then since I’m all dolled up, I roll up my sleeves and start cleaning the downstairs and master bathrooms. I leave the family bath for another time because it’s right next to Ava’s room and I don’t want to wake her. I’m finished at 5:52 and turn away from the mess on our kitchen island, instead I collapse on the sofa and turn on E!. I also jump back on the laptop to do more editing.

6:17 PM. Ava and I are hanging in the living room, she’s a little grumpy because I woke her up. She’s in a better mood once I get her a book she likes that actually reads itself (at this point of the day, reading her Elmo’s Birthday Party a million times in a row is not happening). M gets home at 7, he’s actually a little late today. We eat dinner together shortly after. Sometimes we eat before M gets home, I usually let Ava tell me if she wants to wait.

7:45 PM. I’m upstairs with Ava for bath time while M does dishes and cleans up the kitchen. I throw in a load of her laundry at 8:17 (I’ll probably throw it in the dryer and fold it in the morning) and we all hang out in the living room eating the mangoes M cut up while we were upstairs. I do a little more editing while Ava has her ‘daddy time’.

9:20 PM. Ava’s in bed, her bedtime has gotten later and later recently, which apparently is another sign of the 2-1. M and I watch an episode of Ghost Adventures, we are so addicted we watch old ones every night lately. I usually do more editing, respond to comments, and catch up with the blogs I follow while we watch TV. Afterwards, I head upstairs to shower (one less thing to do tomorrow morning) and get ready for bed. I come back downstairs and hang with M more, then we head upstairs around 12. He falls asleep, I read a little more of Dark Places.

1:20 AM. I know I’m ready to sleep when I can’t keep my eyes open anymore while I’m reading. Good night!

So that’s my ‘mom/blog schedule’ for a typical day. This one was pretty productive, some days barely any cleaning gets done, or I’m just too lazy to cook dinner and we order in. But, that’s generally it!

How do you balance your mom/blog or work/blog or mom/work/blog schedules?


14 thoughts on “A ‘day in my life’ with a 15 month old.

  1. I could NEVER do this! I can barely get myself ready and out the door. I don’t do any of the cooking (thank goodness bf enjoys cooking)… Kudos to you and all the mommies of the world who choose this life! My friend has a 16 month old boy and her 2nd one (girl) is due in April… Bless her!!!

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      • I attempted to cook for my bf when we first started dating and it was politely suggested that all cooking duties should be performed by him lol! He cooks, I clean – it works! We’ve been together 9 years now.

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      • Lol he usually does the dishes since I cook! I pretty much said the same to M, even scrambled eggs are a no go! We’ve been for almost 8 now and I’ve just come to accept he’s not going to be the greatest chef, but he does help out with all the other household tasks for the most part so I’ll take it!

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    • Thank you!! πŸ˜€ That play mat is the best, we used to have the kind with all the letters that connected in pieces and it was a pain to move every time I vacuumed or Ava would just tear it apart! Good choice by their parents!


    • Haha my cousin got me into it recently, I love how they always make Aaron go into the scary parts of the house by himself! And yah, the 2 days naps have come to an end, ironically just after I posted this I moved her to one. Ah I guess I’m lucky it lasted as long as it did!


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