Purple: A color any neutral girl can love.

I actually used to wear purple eyeshadow all the time when I was in my twenties, I remember getting a 3 shade set of loose pigment shadow from Bare Minerals in the color. I think it might have been a free gift that came with the mineral foundation at the time, it’s too far back to remember. As I started branching out more, they fell to the wayside and I eventually morphed into a ‘neutrals only’ type girl.

I’m still that girl. But, it’s always nice to veer from the usual once in awhile and I knew the second row of lilac and purple shadows from the Tartelette palette (review here) would be perfect for those days I just want to do something different. This coming spring has definitely put me more in a mood for color.

I used all four shades in the second row of the palette, caregiver on my lid, natural beauty in the crease, best friend in the outer third of my crease and bombshell as my upper and lower lash liner. I deviated only when using the pale yellow shade, free spirit, as a brow highlight. I’ve really been liking using a dark eyeshadow as a liner more and more lately, all three of the darkest shadows in the Tartelette are so pigmented that I don’t even bother to wet the brush and use them dry. I finished up the look with a rosy pink blush and a nude lip.

I love how the purple shades in this palette are less overt, so that my eyes aren’t screaming, “Hey! I’m wearing purple today!” It’s more of a subtle statement that I feel comfortable with wearing.

What colors are you wearing on your eyes lately? Any suggestions for others I can try that aren’t too loud?


19 thoughts on “Purple: A color any neutral girl can love.

    • The MUA actually used some green in my eye makeup for my wedding! I actually loved the turnout. I think I have one palette with that color I’ll have to dig out! And thanks I try, I’m never totally happy with my blending to be honest.

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  1. This colour looks beautiful on you πŸ™‚ I was brave the other day and wore light light pink eyeshadow, kevin kept asking me what I’d done differently all day.. I really need to try out new colours more often haha

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