Sheer layers with a flare.

I haven’t worn a flare jean since skinny jeans became the new flares. I had a few hours of “mommy time” over the weekend and decided to get a mani/pedi. I usually wear yoga pants or a skirt if the weather permits during times like these, but I wanted to look a little nicer for my day out.

Since I needed to be able to roll my pants up, skinnies were out. I decided on an old pair of flared jeans from A&F. I put on the blush pink burnout V-neck (same tee that I got in white from Target) and a long, cream colored cardigan. Both the tee and the cardigan are light and sheer and I thought when put together with the flared jeans it had that kind of laid-back, boho vibe. I added a long, double-stranded beaded necklace and brown boots to complete the look. I actually can’t wait to wear this again in the spring with some wedges.

Although skinny jeans are still my favorite, I’m happy to be delving into some old goodies from my wardrobe.

What style of jeans is your favorite?


9 thoughts on “Sheer layers with a flare.

  1. Mommy’s day out!! Sounds like a fun day out. Lovely outfit. My favorite jeans are skinny jeans because you can wear them year round. You can wear boots over them and it’s still comfortable or you could wear them with flats, heels or sandals. Anything but sneakers. I feel like those look weird, on me anyway!

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